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During a sewer line repair, you must have noticed that before the plumbers go through with their methods of repairing, they first inspect by using a camera. This is video camera drain inspection which allows them to clearly visualize the problem and work on it promptly!


The video pipe inspection makes it easier to work on the sewer as it can save you and the plumbers maximum amount of time and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. A video pipe inspection consists of a pipe to whom a small camera is attached. The camera is equipped with infrared beams and latest technology hence when down in the dark, the screen shows clear pictures of the plumbing pipes down below. This allows them to see the exact area the problem is at and instead of digging up the whole pipe and ruining your perfect lawn, they manage the repairing by just digging the amount of area they need without causing actual harm to your garden.
Sewer line repair is a hard job but if you’re going to do it anyway then might as well do it right and that is by calling the plumbers and allowing them to use the inspection method. Some of the benefits of video camera drain inspection are:

Clogged Area

The clogged area is easily identified and the hassle of digging up the entire garden is avoided. The video camera is pushed down the pipes and as it goes down, it shows the inside conditions on the screen. The plumbers continue pushing it down until they reach the area of the problem. They inspect it, see what it is and figure out what to do with it, then they pull up the camera and start working.

Condition of The Pipes

Apart from clogging the video camera allows the plumbers to see the inner conditions of the pipe. To see the material, it is made of or if it contains any problem etc. the pipes are also inspected and the plumbers can beforehand warn you all if they think there is a chance of a problem.

Area Inside The Drain

The video camera can further show them the area inside the drain which allows them to have a clear evaluation of sewer system beneath whether the sewer line repair can be avoided for good or not. Also upon evaluation they see whether the system is good or not. Whether it has a chance of getting clogged or not etc. Hence by inspection with a camera, you can avoid a bunch of problems beforehand.

Hidden Clogs

Sometimes there are clogs present in your pipes which are not visible to the human eye no matter how much digging he/she has to go through. For this purpose, the video camera works perfectly and lets you know about the hidden clogs so you can treat them on time.

Hence video pipe inspection is a great way to solve any problems present inside your drain. They are costly but if your sewer broke out into problems then you might have to pay lot more money for the repairing so to avoid it, do not refuse the plumber of the video pipe inspection.

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