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There are many famous designer brands and French luxury brand Dior; famous for its Dior Sunglasses is one of them. A French business man named Bernard Arnault started with this brand Christian Dior SE. This brand is popular for leather goods, eyewear and other fashion accessories. As a popular brand, many celebrities wear this brand all around the world.


Original sunglasses with logo

Though they are one of the expensive brands, they are still popular and most demanded. Many sunglasses from this brand are manufactured by a Safilo group, with a stamp as made in Italy. While purchasing branded sunglasses from any seller, make sure to purchase original one. If the seller is offers the sunglasses at lower price then there are more changes that those glasses might not be real one. Sometimes, few sellers would like to sell their glasses quickly and they sell at bit lower price.

The company uses logo on the sunglasses and many fake sunglasses have the wrong logo. So, one can check it easily with the logo on the website. The original ones always have unique serial number which is seen on two places on the sunglasses, one on the lenses and the other inside the frame. These two numbers will be same and in ten digit numbers as well as letters, in which the letters are always in capitals. The original glasses will always have the model name, size as well as the color code which are on the left side. Checking these factors while purchasing the sunglasses will help one to find the original one easily.

Best design sunglasses

Thomas Burberry is the founder of the Burberry group which is famous for its leather products, based in London. There is a wide range of collection of eyewear from this brand. Burberry manufactures sunglasses both for men and women in different shapes. These sunglasses are of featured designs and are classy. They have different collections like the trench collection, which reflects the coats signature design. They also have the gabardine collection which shows the craft and its innovation. The other collection is a recent collection which shows the graphic and sleek designs. These collections have the sunglasses in cat eyed shaped frames, round frame and aviators. This brand mostly uses acetate and metal for making its frame. The lenses are generally available in brown, pink, white, black, grey, beige, yellow and green colors. Really, sunglasses shop Fair Oaks Mall are worth trying if you want to get stylish look with sunglasses.

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