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A lot of people are apprehensive about wisdom teeth removal. They consider this as a painful but an essential procedure. However, the actual truth might be very different.

What is the Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom tooth is a nickname for the fourth 3rd molar. These form the last few teeth in the dental arch. Some people have wisdom tooth, however, some never develop these teeth. It is quite interesting to note that some people have more than 4 wisdom teeth. For many people, wisdom teeth are never visible because they wouldn’t have erupted through the gums. These teeth are believed to be impacted under the gingival tissues.

When does it Erupt?

You will be able to spot the presence of wisdom teeth in your mouth by a simple examination. If the tooth is under tissues, you must take an X-Ray of your mouth. The wisdom tooth erupts between the ages 17 and 24. The effects of a wisdom tooth can be felt before the tooth becomes visible. Eruption will trigger dull throbbing and a sudden feeling of pressure behind your jaws. This is when you know that the wisdom tooth is erupting.

Maintaining the Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth removal is not necessary at all times. As a wisdom tooth erupts, it will clean tissues and prepare your mouth. In some cases, the wisdom tooth wouldn’t affect the adjacent tooth. This is when you can keep the tooth in your mouth without any worries. If you can clean, floss and brush the tooth thoroughly, there is no harm having it. However, the condition of a wisdom tooth can change significantly with time. It is vital to examine the tooth by a dental professional. The right diagnosis and actions should be taken on the tooth.

If your wisdom tooth causes lots of pain, you can avoid extraction by following few oral hygiene habits. Likewise, you can modify tissues around the tooth. If there are small swollen gums around your tooth, you may face pain. Dentists tend to advise their patients to change the frequent of flossing or angle of brushing (behind and around the wisdom tooth). These changes will prevent infection and gum tissues problems.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Unfortunately, extraction becomes necessary in some situations. If the wisdom tooth erupts as a weird angle and touches the adjacent molar – you are likely to suffer pain and will have a tough time keeping your tooth clean. This is when tooth removal arlington va becomes essential.

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