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Do you think you look smarter in branded sunglasses? Do you feel your boyfriend looks so attractive when he wears sunglasses? Or is your nerd friend totally stunned you by wearing stylish sunglasses? Well, if you think like this then you are not alone. A good pair of frame can actually make a huge difference in overall physical appearance. Correct pair of sunglasses can make people look impressive, stylish, rich and happening. On the other hand, wrong sunglasses can ruin entire look.

Why People Look So Much Hotter Wearing Sunglasses

According to science, sunglasses provide structure to your face. This fashion accessory provides some symmetry to your facial features. And if your face’s structure is already in symmetry, your level of attractiveness might touch the sky with shades on.

One more specialty of sunglasses is that it can make anyone look cool. No matter you are boy, girl, 17 year old college student or 40 year old businessman, sunglasses will not discriminate. All you need to do is to find a pair of sunglasses, which enhance your facial features.

Generally, your age is displayed by your eyes. When you wear shades, your eyes get covered by black, brown, green or other dark hues of sunglasses. This perfectly hides your eyes. Thus, sunglasses not only make you look prettier but younger as well… this eventually makes you look hotter. Additionally, people make snap judgments about other people by reading their eyes. Through eye contact, it is easy to determine about confidence, intelligence and sincerity of other person. If those eyes are covered, though, a person is automatically becomes unreadable. This mystery makes people more desirable.

Right sunglasses for you

Well, well, well… Not all sunglasses can make you look hot. You need to be very much careful while choosing your sunglasses. Have a quick glance over below mentioned tips for selecting the best sunglasses for you:

  • Always choose sunglasses shape according to your face shape. Don’t blindly copy the celebrities.
  • Do purchase sunglasses from the best sunglasses store of your area. Don’t opt for online sunglasses purchase.
  • Choose sunglasses according to your use.
  • Check out fashion magazines to know about latest sunglasses trends.
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