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Shoulder joint dislocation is the most common dislocation and sometimes it requires Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery. In this shoulder surgery, a small camera is used for examining and repairing the tissues in and around the shoulder joint. This camera is called arthroscope, and is inserted through a small cut in the skin. There are muscles as well as tendons which hold the shoulder joint arm; they help in the movement of the shoulder in many directions. These tendons will be teared and may get injured when they are overused.


Anesthesia is given to numb the part

Generally, a person is given anesthesia before a person undergoes a surgery. This is done so that the person will not experience any pain and he will be asleep. Sometimes only local anesthesia will be given, so that the arm and shoulder will be numbed. During the surgery, the doctor inserts the arthroscope in the shoulder of a person from a small incision. This scope will be connected to a monitor, which will be displayed in the operation room. With this, the doctor will inspect the tissues in the shoulder and the joint. The tissues which are inspected include cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Then he would repair the tissues which are damaged. If there is any damage in the tissue, it will be removed. This procedure is performed when there is damage in the cartilage ring. If the shoulder is instable and the joint is loose then this procedure is recommended. This procedure is done when there is bicep damage and arthroscopy may be done if there is torn rotator cuff.


Surgery under different conditions

Surgery is needed when there is inflammation near and around the cuff. If there is any loose tissue which has to be removed, then the surgery has to be performed. Before the surgery, doctor must make sure to ask about the medications which are used by the patient. The doctor may ask the person to stop taking the medicines which may make the blood clotting difficult. The person needs to ask about what medicines can be used after the surgery. When a person is suffering from any other medical conditions like heart diseases, then the surgeon will advice the person to visit his physician. The person who undergoes surgery must stop drinking and smoking before the surgery. Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery doctor will instruct the person to undergo physiotherapy if needed and the person may have to take medicines to control the pain.

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