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Many homeowners do not realize that their gas furnace is having some problems that can cause it to have the malfunctioning costing more fuel and obviously the money. Obiusly you want to contact a professional HVAC company since only the few people would like to inspect it by itself. Your gas furnace pilot light flame should have a deep blue body and yellow colored flame indicating the fine blend of oxygen and fuel. Some furnace units are provided with the user’s guide to indicate how to get the maintenance of the pilot light. You also can hire the professional furnace repair company to make the furnace working properly.

However, there are few things to consider to get this pilot flame keep running without any problems.

Inspect the Pilot Flame

Every time when you check the filter of your furnace, you should also check for its pilot light flame. By only seeing at the color of the flame, you can identify if it is in the problematic condition. If the the color of the flame is other than the blue with yellow on the top, the gas mixture may not be appropriate and it can reduce its efficiency.

Identify the Problem

It is not an intelligent move to take any remedial action before diagnosing the problem properly. For example, if the flame is emitting much yellowish in the body of the flame, it means that there is the scarcity of enough oxygen to burn the flame.

Its diagnosis needs simply cleaning the pilot head and the debris that may have become jammed over the tip. Once you clean it, the pilot flame should return to its normal color.

There might be some other harsh problem that cannot be diagnosed easily, leave it to those who have the professional expertise to troubleshoot the furnace light problems.

Hold the Primer For Long Time

When you hold down the timer button for the long time, it can build-up the gas fumes that can combust when you give light to the pilot flame. Never hold your face just at the doorway while you are lighting the flame, assuming that thermocoupling is working.

Improper flame reduces efficiency and costing money that needs to be repaired as early as possible.

Take the Remedial Action to Diagnose the Double Headed Flame

The double heads or split flame implies that the problem rests little deeper not with pilot tip. The problem can be due to the dirt that has been accumulated under the tip. If the cleaning of debris, does not work, you need to check out the assembly and it needs to approach a furnace repair company that can resolve the problem quickly.

Ask your furnace repair professional to identify the exact problem and diagnose it accordingly so that your furnace starts functioning properly.

Key Tips:

When you give light to the gas furnace pilot light, safety should be an important factor. Before lighting the furnace, you should smell for the gas. Both the propane gas and natural gas are highly inflammable and you should make check, if there is any leakage before burning the flame.

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