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There are numerous ways to make your long hair look short. The best technique depends upon the hair length, texture and most importantly the result you are seeking through. This write-up provides you the thorough guide for the technique that you can employ to get the look of short hair. This can easily be done at a local hair salons, but you can do it yourself too.

The Pretend Bob

It includes to turn hair below shoulders around the chin length. There are different techniques and variations available for this this technique of chin length bob.

In case you have the layered hair, the easy technique includes the back-comb the hair and then put the hair ends under the base of your neck with the help of the Bobby pins. In order to get the natural hair look, pull out some of the hair layers that seems short in length. With this, you can get the look of short hair look.

If you have the thick hair, the technique can be used to get the look of short hair is divide your hair in the top and bottom layer. The twisted sections of hair make flat against the neck with the help of the pins. Then pull out the short hair and adjust it beneath the neck so that your hair give the look of short hair.

If you have the hair of the same length, you do not have the option left to pull out the short layers and in this case, it is better to get the curl, before pinning some of the hair layers underneath. It makes your hair look naturally short.

If you have the long straight hair, a tight curl can give the appearance of the short length. By having the backcombing at the hair roots, or creating twists at the top layers can help to reduce the hair length.


It is an easy and quick way to get the appearance of the shorter hair even without cutting it. By using the wig, you can get the appearance of the short hair. In order to get the superior results, you need to get the high quality wig.

If you are looking to get the natural hair look, it is recommended to use hair wig with the usual hair color. You simply need to enfold your existing hair surrounding your head and it can be tied with the pins if can make possible. After that, you can use the wig cap to cover the natural hair. This technique actually helps to make your hair look short.

Faux Bob

Faux Bob is a latest technique to get the short hair look without even using the scissors for your hair. Women who have the narrow faces and high foreheads can get the appealing look, if they can make the front hair fall asymmetrically on the forehead.

While giving the custom made look to your natural hair, it seems quite complex to get it in home by self. You can approach a professional hairstylist who can assist you to make the long hair look short.

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