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After deciding that you will have an abortion, there are ways to prepare yourself for the procedure. Know what you can do to become more prepared for that day


Sometimes, the best option is to go for an abortion. It may not be an easy choice, and for a lot of women, determining the next steps to take are complicated. You must be emotional, mental, and physically ready for it. There are DC abortion clinics in different places, and it is normal to go through anxiety and uncertainty before the procedure.

You must cope in every aspect, and your emotions can get ahead of you. Keep in mind that your decision must be firm, and you must now prepare yourself.

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Ask someone to go with you

It is strongly recommended that you bring a friend or family member when you get an abortion.

They can accompany you until the waiting area, but they cannot be with you during the consultation, procedure or treatment, or recovery area. There are nurses and health care assistants who are there to support you.

If your age is below 16, an adult is recommended to accompany you home after the treatment.

What Should be in Your Bag

You must make sure to have everything in your bag that you will need during the abortion.

  • Medical notes, any referral letters, or information related to the abortion
  • Medications you take
  • The payment details
  • Heavy flow sanitary pads
  • Comfortable underwear
  • You should bring your glasses or contact lenses kit in case you have to take them out.
  • Books, magazines, and other distractions for the trip and while you are in the waiting room

What You Feel

You should allow yourself to feel freely because there is no wrong or right way for this. People in our lives could go through the same emotions as guilt, grief, relief, and others. If counseling is recommended to you or your partner, there are people to contact for that. If you have the tendency to experience depression or anxiety, you must seek a counselor.

Arrange Your Travel Going Home

You must arrange your return travel before going to your appointment because you will not be able to drive yourself home. If you are given medical treatment or surgical abortion with sedation or anesthesia, you need someone to drive for you. You should not use public transportation after your abortion.

It is recommended that you really have someone with you during your treatment. If they can stay with you over the next 24 hours, that would be a lot better.

Post Abortion

You might have to take off from work for 1 to 2 days after your abortion procedure. Bring painkillers, food and water, and pads for your post-abortion procedure.

These are the ways to prepare for an abortion. Make sure to check your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Choose among the best early-term abortion clinics to get the proper care.

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