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Shoulder Dislocation is a very common joint dislocation. People involved in sports mostly like Rugby or football may have frequent falls with their arms outstretched. This makes ball and socket joint moves out of the socket. Shoulder dislocation happens mostly on the lower front of the shoulders. The shoulder joint is supported by the ligaments and is covered by the rotator cuff. Shoulder dislocation can be considered as a minor injury but the damage which is caused to the ligaments and the muscles could be severe.

The main symptoms of a dislocated shoulder

The most important symptom is the extreme pain in the upper arm and the shoulder. One cannot move the shoulder easily. The most common symptoms are:

  • Acute pain sometimes felt along the arm past the shoulder.
  • Not able to move the arm from its present position
  • Numbness in the area.
  • No palpable bone found

The dislocated shoulder can be diagnosed best by the help of X-ray or MRI of the shoulder.

Treatment of Shoulder dislocation

The person who has been suspected to be suffering from shoulder dislocation should be taken to the doctor or an emergency hospital. An imaging needs to be done immediately to understand the severity and the percentage of dislocation of the shoulder bone.

Reduction-The most common process of treatment of shoulder dislocation is the process of reduction. In this process, the dislocated bone is brought back into its previous position. This is done by very experienced doctors and professionals who can manipulate the dislocation without any surgical intervention and bring back the bone to its original position. This process of reduction can be confirmed by an imaging done after the successful completion of the reduction process. Traction in applied in the arm and the arm is maintained in position with the help of a sling. Then the arm is kept immobile and fixed for up to one to three weeks.

Surgical Procedure– Arthroscopic surgery is performed in case the shoulder dislocation cannot be treated by the reduction process. In the case of posterior dislocation, there is no other alternative than Arthroscopic surgery. In this process, a small incision is made on the shoulder and a small camera is used by the Shoulder Dislocations Doctor. With the help of the camera, he can see the damaged and the dislocated parts and repairs the joint dislocation by using smaller surgical instruments.


One should visit his Shoulder Dislocations Doctor mclean at a period of regular internals to follow ups and should follow the advice given by his doctor. This will prevent recurrent shoulder dislocation and help the patient to regain his mobility and stability in life.

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