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Social media has totally transformed the manner of interaction between businesses and customers. Social media is everywhere, nearly everyone uses it. It is no longer possible to ignore the social media. After all, it facilitates the businesses to reach out their customers and many business owners are taking advantage of this platform to lure online users. But as always, with every good thing there comes a downside. Same is the case with social media. Social media is like a double edged sword which increased security threat for businesses.

Social media threats

Due to increasing use of social media, business owners are actively using this platform for sharing genuine information, sending personal messages and promoting their brands. These business owners don’t know how secure and private social media is. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, security is the BIGGEST threat. For hackers, hacking social media account is as easy as baking an apple pie. After hacking the social media account, hackers can use private information in any manner.

Skilled hackers can easily entice victims on social media via social engineering tactics. Business owners never know when they can lose the accessibility to their own social media accounts as social engineering tactics like phishing, sending malicious attachments etc. are very cleverly used by hackers. The smart hackers can even convince users to reveal their passwords and other company related information.

How to protect your business from social media threats?

Although social media is vulnerable, its advantages are undeniable as well. It means now social media has become important for marketing and promotion of businesses. By following safety measures, you can protect your social media accounts from intruders. Take sneak peek over practical ways of protecting your business from social media threats:

  • Train your employees to recognize scams.
  • Keep your staff updated on the latest threats.
  • Always update your software.
  • Keep track of where your employees are visiting while surfing.

Along with following all above mentioned safety measures, you can also take advantage of support services offered by technology consultants. These technology savvy people can enlighten you regarding various social media threats so that you can protect yourself from those threats.

Author Bio: Ron Sharon the founder and CEO of Maxsys has been a technology consultant for over 12 years.

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