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Recovering from a recent orthopedic surgery by orthopedic doctors is not very easy. Your body takes a toll and it needs time to recover. Undergoing operation under the impact of general anesthesia means toxins are left behind in the body, and need to be cleared up. You can feel tired and live everyday in a state of malaise. An orthopedic doctor or surgeon will offer you the following 3 tips to accelerate your pace of recovery and ensure that toxins are eliminated from your system, and your body gets back the strength it seems to have lost.

Get adequate amount of protein

Your diet will play a big role in ensuring that you achieve a faster recovery. You need adequate protein, which would help heal and rebuild your body and the tissues adjoining the area of your incision. Muscle is maintained and built by protein, which can be obtained from sources like eggs, cottage cheese, chicken breasts and fish as well pre-packaged liquid or powder supplements that can easily be digested. Protein will help build muscles and every meal for you should comprise of a portion of protein.

Have enough water

It would feed the right ingredients needed by your body to become stronger after replacement disc surgery. You should also have enough water to stay hydrated and expel toxins naturally through urination. Remember to have only fresh water and not beverages such as canned sodas, tea or coffee that increase the level of toxins in your system. Fresh water will remove toxins from your system completely, depending on how much fat you have. The quicker the toxin removal, the faster will be the rise in your energy levels.

Have moderate exercise

Having moderate exercise will make you stronger and slowly recover in health. Do not attempt strenuous exercises which can increase your pain and reduce the rate of recovery. More is not always better, especially when it comes to the period when you are recuperating from shoulder surgery.

Get enough rest

You should get sufficient rest and attain a speedy and full recovery. Sleep for at least 8 hours and do not engage in strenuous activities. If you are having physical therapy, you will also get your therapist and orthopedic surgeons to offer you a schedule that you should follow about how frequently you need to complete your workouts. Proper rest will increase the production of the hormone cortisol and let you recuperate easily.

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