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Many businesses use walk in coolers according to their commercial needs. However, these large appliances can be dangerous for your workers if necessary care isn’t taken. That’s why there are some walk in cooler repair and safety tips you can use to make your walk in coolers safe for your employees.

Below mentioned are some safety tips you can use to keep your employees safe in the usage of walk in coolers. Following these tips can help you avoid accidents on an everyday basis.

Keep The Surface Dry

Water spills in the cooler can cause the surface to become slippery. Because of this, your employees can get injured in slip and fall accidents. So, instruct your employees to regularly scrape off the ice buildup on the cooler surface. This way, your employees will be less likely to get injured by slipping. You can also utilize floor squeegees to direct any water that gets spilt on the cooler’s floor. This will help keep the surface dry.

Additionally, you should also instruct your employees to wear shoes having rubber soles. Rubber soles can avoid slip and fall accidents.

Check Safety Releases Regularly

Walk in freezers were once notorious for entrapping people inside them due to closing of doors. That’s why modern walk in refrigerators have safety releases on their doors to avoid accidental entrapment. For walk in coolers set below zero, entrapment can cause your employees to contact hypothermia, and even die in some situations.

So, to keep your employees safe from accidentally entrapment, you should get the safety releases regularly checked. This simple step can save someone’s life.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you should also make sure that your walk in cooler is regularly cleaned. As you’d expect, regular cleaning will keep the cooler safe from mold and fungus buildup. Fungus and mold can cause various breathing problems for your employees. In addition to this, these problems can also cause your food items to rot, and this will cost you lots of money in the long run.

Regular cleaning will keep the cooler working for a long time, your inventory safe, and your employees away from infections.

Avoid Overloading The Cooler Shelves

Putting excess load on the shelves of your walk in freezer can cause its efficiency to decrease. Also, the shelves can collapse when overloaded with stuff. Collapsing of a shelve of your walk in cooler can cause serious injuries to any employee standing directly below it. Usually, walk in coolers come with a recommended maximum weight for shelves.

So, avoid overloading your walk in cooler shelves. This way, you can keep the cooler working at its top efficiency, and can keep your employees safe as well.

Give Protective Clothing To Your Employees

You should provide your employees with enough thick clothing to save them from sub zero temperatures. Ideally, jackets, coats and gloves should be placed near the walk in unit to make accessing them easy for your employees.

Protective clothing can be especially helpful for employees who need to stay inside the cooler for long periods of time because of the nature of their work.

Do Proper Preventive Maintenance

In addition to making the safety of your employees sure, you should also ensure that your walk in unit keeps working by getting it regularly inspected. Preventive maintenance of walk in cooler can keep the unit working for a long period of time.

You should give more importance to your condensing unit when getting your walk in unit inspected. This unit is the heart of your walk in cooler, and is responsible for keeping in a working state. You can choose to either clean the unit by yourself, or hire an expert to do the job professionally (which is recommended). Doing this type of cleaning at least once a month is highly recommended.

The walk in units also have evaporator fans to help push the heat out and keep the unit cool. This is the same assembly which collects water and drains it away.

You should get the assembly cleaned properly at least once a year.


This is how you can keep your employees safe from any injuries while also keeping your walk in cooler working fine in the long run. To avoid mishaps, only let experienced commercial appliances repair Northern VA technicians to fix your walk in cooler.

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