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Everything has a lifespan. When people buy their dishwashers, they think that they will last forever, but this isn’t the case. Commercial dishwasher repairs professionals report that you will need to replace the units after a given time. Here are signs that you need to start thinking about getting a new dishwasher:

The dishwasher is old

How old is your dishwasher? If it’s more than 10 years, you should start thinking about getting a new one. in addition to an old appliance consuming a lot of energy thus you have a high energy bill at the end of the month, it also tends to keep on breaking every now and then.

What is the consequence of this? You end up spending a lot of money repairing the unit. For you to save money that you would have spent repairing your unit and avoid the inconvenience that comes with the unit breaking down after every few days, you should get a new one.

The dishwasher has begun rusting

A few specs of rust on the outside of the dishwasher don’t mean that you should rush to the stores and buy a new appliance. However, if there is substantial rust on the outside of the unit, it’s time that you start thinking about it.

Presence of rust means that your unit is leaking or having a serious problem. It might also mean that other parts of the unit are breaking away thus exposing the underlying metal of the appliance.

It’s impossible to reverse the effects of rust; therefore, when your unit starts to rust, you should get a new one. You should get a new appliance as soon as possible as the rust might be getting on your dishes thus putting you ate the risk of ingesting them.

The dishes aren’t hot at the end of the cleaning cycle

Due to contact with the hot water, it’s common for the dishes to feel hot by the time you are getting them from the dishwasher. When you remove the dishes and they aren’t hot, it means that your appliance isn’t heating the water.

For the dishes to be properly cleaned, they need hot water; therefore, when your dishwasher isn’t heating the water, there is no way you can count on your dishes getting clean when you put them in the unit.

Since you bought the appliance to clean the dishes, and it isn’t doing it, what use is it for? You should simply get a new appliance.

Water remains in the unit after a wash

A properly functioning unit should never have water remaining after a wash. The water is supposed to drain out at the bottom. If the water is refusing to drain out after the cycle ends, you most definitely have a plumbing problem that you should fix as soon as possible.

In most cases, hiring a plumber is enough to fix the unit as they only need to unclog the blocked pipes. Often times the problem is due to the appliance itself. If this is the case with your unit, you should start thinking about getting a new unit.

The appliance has begun to crack

A tell-tale sign of a cracked dishwasher is a leak that brings about water damage in your kitchen. Cracks often happen in the interior of the dishwasher. You will have them when you hit the unit or when the unit has got too old.

You can repair the cracks, but if they are large or too many, the cost of repairing them might be too high to the extent that it might be worth it replacing the appliance instead of repairing it.

The dishes are dirty after a cleaning cycle

I’m sure you have come across this problem. You will put the dishes in the dishwasher and after the cleaning cycle, the dishes will come out dirty and spotty. This problem comes about due to a number of problems such as using the wrong soap, loading the dishes poorly, caked-on food, and use of hard water.

In some cases, the problem is due to the failure of the dishwasher to clean the dishes as well as its supposed to. According to commercial appliances repair Fairfax professionals, you will have this issue when the dishwasher is old. Instead of struggling with the old unit, simply get a new one.

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