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While looking for the branded sunglasses, Oakley and Ray Ban are the two prominent names that you can compare to buy the best one. These sunglasses are manufactured with the high quality material. Both have the numerous fashionable styles and are competitively priced as well.

You can simply search on the web for the sunglasses from both the brands and there are online stores that help you make the comparison between these branded sunglasses. You can go online and check out the sunglasses available from these brands.

You can even get the sunglasses that your favorite celebrity wears. You can visualize yourself and taking a flight in a F-14 plane.

Ray Ban or Oakley?

By wearing the same Ray Ban sunglasses is not going to get the secret details of president Obama. Wearing the sunglasses as Tiger Woods have is not going to help you hitting the ball. However, these sunglass choices have other things in common including,

• Both these brands have almost the common price.

• These sunglasses are manufactured by the same company called Luxottica.

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley is the best-known for its ski goggles and other high quality sunglasses. It has offered its superior quality aviator style sunglasses that are equipped with the polarized lenses. Athletes and other sportsperson prefer to wear these sunglasses and these are available with the distinct features, design and styles for all sorts of sports.

Oakley Sunglasses are manufactured in Foothills Ranch, California and this brand has more than 600 patents fro their sunglasses. Its HD and XYZ Optics can make sure for absolute optical clarity.

• UV Protection

Plutonite lens is used in the Oakley Sunglasses that make them lightweight and provide the superior comfort. It also gives protection against the ultraviolet radiation and it is the reason, why the sportsperson prefer these sunglasses.

• Iridium Lens Coating

It involves a uniform filtering layer that minimizes glare and optimizes contrast that lead to increase its comfort when you wear it. These coatings intend to deliver the optimal balance between the light reflection, absorption and its transmission.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban has started offering its quality sunglasses from 1937. Primarily, it was introduced as the ‘Aviator’ and ‘Wayfarer’ sunglasses.

When it is to talk about the Ray Ban Sunglasses, these are made in Italy with the Acetate and Metal Alloy as its constituents. It makes them comfortable throughout the day and durable & lightweight as well.

The aviator style sunglasses were readily become famous due to its capacity to protect from hazardous UV rays. The Wayfarer sunglasses were also designed for the pilots. Ray Ban has also launched other category of modern and fashionable sunglasses including sport sunglasses.

The modern sunglasses from Ray-Ban are made with the best quality material such as titanium, fibre glass and rubber for additional comfort. These glasses are manufactured to suit the variety of sports.

The glasses on offer from Ray-Ban are used in Hollywood films including the names of ‘Blues Brothers’, ‘Risky Business’.

Which One to Choose

When you are thinking over the Ray Ban vs. Oakley Sunglasses, although both have the glasses on offer with the fashionable and exciting styles, but the Ray-Ban fit for the military purposes but the Oakley glasses have offered the premier range of glasses for the sportsperson.

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