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Just like humans, the bones aged too, and it’s an inevitable natural state. And if you are taking some supplements for your health, spine and back doctors will also recommend you to take some maintenance and healthy diet for your bone health.  There are tons of healthy snacks that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can perfectly maintain your bone’s shape and function. These healthy junkies will not only benefit the younger generation but most especially the senior gens.

Healthy Edibles For Better Aging Bones

Healthy’ choices are your key to have sturdy bones that can keep up with all your activities as you age. You just don’t have to depend on everything on medical supplements, but most especially on foods that your senior family members should be snacking every single day.


  • You and your aging oldies should never miss nature-fresh fruits in your everyday diet. They can be berries, oranges or apples. Fruits are loaded with hydrating factors making it a great snack option for all ages. Fresh fruits can provide and replace fluids in your body that you use daily also they are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. They are also easy to prepare by just cutting them into bite-sized pieces and place them in snack-sized Ziploc bags, store them in the fridge and take them anywhere the next day or for your senior family members at home.


  • This is also an easy to prepare snack options for your aging buddies. Fresh veggies can be eaten as it is along with an appetizing dip. In a Ziploc bag, you can stuff it with pre-cut carrots, snap peas, pieces of cauliflower, and broccoli. You can also add chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes and a special dip and voila! You have just created a snack pack perfect for all the aging bones in the family.


  • Cheese is a dairy product that is good for senior diets. Its calcium content is the main component making it a winner snack. Majority of aging women require more calcium in their everyday diet meals to beat or save them from having osteoporosis. Wholegrain, however, becomes a great cheese-partner because it is fiber-packed needed by your beloved seniors.


  • So are you thankful that this movie-date snack is part of your senior snacking menu list? Obviously, you are. Popcorns are high in fiber plus, they are an affordable treat to munch. Even your aging adults can prepare this snack themselves. It’s easy to chew and it has a lot of flavors to choose. A timeless snack that the entire family can definitely enjoy.


  • Not just a dietary snack option, but is also a senior snack option. It is loaded with protein that is much needed as you age. They can be consumed as-is, mixed in salads or slice it together with wholegrain bread. Eggs are also the cheapest nutritionally-loaded protein snack you can find in the market. You can also leave hard-boiled eggs in the fridge after you boil them for an easy snack access to the senior adults at home.


  • This may not be a daily snack option but is better than hard candy for the Gramps and Grannies in the house who are ‘sweets’ lovers. They provide excitement and is a pleasant taste bud icebreaker. Dark chocolate is still the best choice among chocolates, although you can mix these choco-coated raisins with dry cranberries, and unsalted sunflower. Place them in a bowl and serve.


  • Nuts have proven their nutritional capacity as they are packed with nutrients, protein, fats, and minerals beneficial to all aging loved ones. Make a nut jar filled with cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, and pistachios for the elders who loves snacking at home.

Additional ‘Break-Time’ Edibles

Here are also some ‘unexpected’ snack-potential food recommended to strengthen bones.

  1. Plain yogurt.
  2. Black beans and Kelp.
  3. Prunes
  4. Bone Broth.
  5. Sesame seeds.
  6. Chia seeds.
  7. Green tea.
  8. Garlic
  9. Fermented foods (both dairy and non-dairy)

There you have it. A few of the many other bone-beneficial snack choices you can prepare for your beloved senior adults. Sometimes they need someone who will take care of their meals and snacks because they tend to ‘live the moment’ and miss out the most important vitamins that their bones needed the most. The back pain specialist Woodbridge can help you monitor the progress and the additional healthy components that you can provide your aging loved ones.

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