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So after your years and months of hard work and the countless visits to diet clinics around your area, you have finally reached your waistline goal! The feeling is truly priceless, isn’t it? Being able to achieve your biggest goal for the year is such an accomplishment and many – just like you – would like to keep progressing in maintaining a great shape. This time you feel more confident, much healthier, better and happier. You health risk checklist is now off the sheets because you have totally changed your lifestyle and you have to thank yourself for that. However, there might also be some underlying side effects from your successful weight loss project,  which you might not see it coming.

 Some Silent Changes In Your Body

So here are some of the silent indicators that your body is going through when you lose weight.

  • You may often feel cold.

You’ll soon find yourself ransacking your closet to collect your old and unused sweaters because you suddenly appreciated the slight cold breeze in the morning and evening. Technically, when you lose weight the fats that insulate your body to keep you extra warm diminishes. Therefore, it will really make you more responsive to cold seasons and places. But you have to watch out for these effects, that if your sensitivity to cold gives you a headache, makes you grumpy and makes your nails brittle, maybe you should visit your doctor to test whether your current diet routine is not making you sick or potentially giving you symptoms of a certain illness.

  • Uneven weight loss.

Experts say that once you’ve shed a lot of pounds the effect will affect your whole body – evenly. However, that does not happen to everyone. You might notice that your waistline dropped a few inches while your limbs still look chubby, that is uneven. If this happens, you might want to consult a fitness expert to balance every part of your body so you can appreciate the aftermath of your efforts better.

  • Sudden hormonal imbalance.

You may not notice it yet, but your hormones depend on your body weight and it can affect your menstrual cycle and mood. Once you’ve lost weight, your hormone level will also drop which will affect your monthly flow if it becomes lighter or heavier or if the cycle becomes longer or shorter.

  • Sagging skin.

This is the uncontrollable side effect of losing weight – sag skin. It’s something that most people who have lost a lot of weight have to deal with and just leave it hidden under the sheets of their clothes. This is an emotional situation where someone expects something but turns out to be a different thing. Being comfortable in your own beautiful skin is an important factor that everyone should do and practice.

  • Eating out can be less fun.

Seeing your friends order whatever that wanted to eat could be something that won’t do anymore. Because no matter how much you stuff your plate with all the healthy dishes and lean meats, there’s no hiding the fact that you still feel envious of that plate overload your friend had ordered with lots of chips and fries. Although other weight loss tips suggest that you ask the ingredients and how food is being prepared, it feels awkward sometimes. In the end, you’ll just find restaurant food less tempting because of the amount of salt, fat, and sugar contained on those dishes.

  • Your sleep improves.

Experts say that those who are obese and had lost a significant amount of weight tends to get better sleep than before. Other research suggests that most of the sleep disorders like sleep apnea is associated with overweight. The moment you’ve trimmed down, sleeping conditions decreases because you become more physically active and conscious in what you eat and drink. This lifestyle contributes to longer sleep and positive mindset.

  • Recharged self-esteem.

When you’ve gained weight, you slowly lose your self-confidence.  That is because of the taunting and negative comments you’ve been hearing from other people. Much worst, is that you feel more inferior if you felt less appreciated by your family and friends. But by the time you finally regain the ideal body figure you’ve always wanted, your morale skyrocketed at the same time. The moment you’ve appreciated yourself more, it will channel to everyone around you and will eventually change the way they see you before.

Gaining and losing weight will make you face a lot of changes – both good and bad change. The medical weight loss centers can help you monitor your progress and how to improve your weight loss program in a much healthier and safer way. Side effects of it will gradually manifest and it is up to you on how you see it, whether in a positive or negative way.

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