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Earlier, traditional indoor shutters were used to improve the interior and exterior of the home. Today, with the resurgence in shutters, they are being used for dećor purpose and seen as an alternative to blinds. Interior shutters in the home add a class and character to a room and also augment the window space. With so many colors, styles and shapes to select from, the options seem endless. We recommend a few interior shutter styles that you might want it to be a part of your dećor in 2018.

Café-like shutters

Café shutters usually cover half of the window just like café curtains. Using café shutters will provide partial shade, while the other half of the window will remain open. This style is suitable for kitchen and dining area which needs more natural light. But remember there is hardly any privacy  as the entire window is not covered. Opt for vinyl shutters as it is easy to clean.

Arched top windows

If you have classic arched top windows, incorporating shutters can give a vintage feel to your rooms. The arched top windows cover the entire window, unlike the traditional shutters that do not cover the arch area. Full and partial height plantation shutters with louvers that are 2½ to 4½ inches wide are a viable option.

Painted shutters

Black painted shutters can create an immediate focal wall in any cozy room. You can also opt for a neutral color that goes well with the home’s interior. A glossy sheen can reflect light and catch everyone’s attention.

Door shutters

Door shutters are suitable for a glass paneled front door or back door. The shutter will provide absolute privacy and allow the light to enter. Getting the louvers in a closed position can provide more privacy.

Clerestory shutters

Windows as high as ceiling rooms that are difficult to reach allow a lot of light into the room, but sometimes it can make the room warm and too bright. Unlike wooden shutters, the clerestory shutters can be quickly opened to bring in extra light whenever required. These shutters can give a cohesive look to the entire home.

Shutters can be used to cover any window or door, allow as much or little light inside the room when needed. Shutters are a great investment that enhances the home’s resale value. A shutter installation company can help select the right shutters for your house.

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