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When it comes to business meetings or corporate get together outside the town, the corporate tent rentals help you the most. Organizing such meetings in the tent around your campus will express your culture, technology, quality and many more things to the visitors; it will help to impress them as well. Along with that, meetings and event parties have always been proved to make great deals with the tents. Before taking tents on rent, you should consider few things. Let see what you need to know about renting a perfect tent-


This is the most important thing you need to decide before renting one. How are you going to use the tent? Is it only for sitting arrangements or do you need it for sleeping? You can have eating space, head room, living area, etc. in a tent, depending on the size.

Weather Conditions

When you need tent for corporate meetings, you should be aware about the weather condition of the specific area on that time of the year. It is always better to have waterproof rent so that you don’t face any sudden hazards. You can also have a tent porch so that you can keep the wet materials outside of your tent.


The next thing you need to consider while renting tents is the material of the product. Usually, tents are available of three materials-

  • Canvas
  • Nylon and
  • Polyester

Canvas tents are durable enough but these are very heavy. This may not be a good option while carrying long distance. You can go for nylon but these are only for calm weather conditions. Polyester tents can give perfect protection from excessive exposures to bright sunlight and UV rays for daylight parties.


This is another important thing to consider. Can you pitch it all alone? Is it lighter to pitch or do you need help from your associates? You should check out this well before renting it.


A tent should withstand the rough weather condition and rough wind. So, while renting you should check out whether it is strong enough with superior quality pegs, strong tent poles and secured fastenings. For maximum durability, you should pick a tent that has double sewn seams.

It is quite obvious that large tent rentals rockland ny will help you more than small tents, if you are going to organize a big event. So, here we have summarized some ideas about what to consider before renting one. Knowing these will help you to choose perfect type of tents.

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