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If you are one of those couples who are cost-conscious for planning a wedding reception, most probably you have heard about iPod wedding. It’s a wedding reception ans you must be looking to get the grand reception for your wedding.

Music can make or break the wedding and you must cautiously consider whether the music you are choosing is the right one for your wedding night.

Why to Consider an iPod Wedding Reception

Here are some of the potential reasons why you should consider the iPod wedding reception.

Budget: iPod reception is the best bet than hiring a wedding DJ when it comes to budget. You simply need to buy the music enough for the wedding night and hire a professional sound system can cost less than a wedding DJ.

Programming Control: Couples who prefer to use the iPod can have control and can easily manage the playlist for their wedding night. It helps to play the music with a more personal touch for both the bride and groom.

Not Cheesy: Couples also prefer iPod for wedding reception rather than hiring a cheesy unpleasant DJ. There has been several instances when bad wedding DJs ruin the wedding night.

All these three reasons described above make sense to involve the iPod in your wedding night for surprising dance and music.

How to Organize the iPod Wedding Reception

If you want to organize the iPod wedding night, there are some aspects need to take into account. You have to make the complete set-up for iPod wedding and there are companies that can provide you the set up for it.


Plug the iPod into the equipment. You also can hire a professional mixer who stays there to organize the music throughout the night can mix the music in a balanced way that can lift the mood for your guests. Settings are available to be adjusted that suits to the different music preferences of the guests.

Use Amplifier Cables

Do not forget to properly plug the Amplifier cables to the mixer or music will get distorted. If you want that all your guests to have fun on the dance floor, you can use amplifiers and speakers.

Music Collection

Every guest has their own music preferences and you must have the enough iPod music collection to cater so that you can make possible to play the music you guests demand.

Reasons to Hire a DJ

A wedding DJ reads the demand of the crowd, adjust the music to keep them dancing. If you hire a professional DJ, he helps you organize the wedding reception as well. He also helps to organize other events in the wedding night such as the right time for dancing, cake cutting, bouquet toss, eat and others.

iPod do not give such sort of interaction. It does not suit to a huge crowd. If you are looking to make show off at the wedding night, then hiring a Professional DJ has no substitute. But, it is not feasible for everyone to arrange the finances for a grand reception, iPod wedding is the best option to have fun and entertainment.

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