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Trendy, college going girls pay special heed on their hair and hairstyle, as they want to opt for best hairstyle. There are oodles of trendy haircuts which can generate many different styles. Thus college girls can make several hairstyles from one haircut.

Best hairstyles for college going girls

You can match your hairstyle with your attire and makeup. There are various quick and easy hairstyles which girls can opt for daily basis. These trendy hairstyles will not only make you look good but will also make you a fashion icon of your college.

Popular hairstyles for college girls:

#1: Messy buns: Messy bun is an easy to make hairstyle. These buns look great on college going girls who have long to medium length hair. If made properly, bun can appear complex like it is made by a professional hairstylist, but in reality, it is very easy to make. You need not to pay attention on perfection and finishing of the bun.

#2: Side French braid: One sided French braid will give a casual college look to you. Plus, it will not let short hairs to come on your face and disturb you. You can make a French braid with any attire.

#3: Waterfall hairstyle: Well, girl, if you want to sizzle in your friend circle, you can highlight your black hairs with eye catching hair color and then make waterfall hairstyle. This combination will rock, and you will definitely become style icon of your college.

#4: Neat pony tail: Pony tail never goes out of fashion and hair experts say that it looks good and decent on every girl.

#5: Chopstick hairstyle: Chopstick hairstyle will quickly divert attention towards your hair. They are really very easy and quick to make. You can make this hairdo even if you are in hurry of reaching college.

#6: Headbands: Headbands are the easiest way of carrying your hairs. You need not have to make any special effort for making hairstyle. Just comb your hairs, put headband and you are ready. In order to look trendy, you can match your headband with your clothes, bag or footwear.

#7: Messy Updo: Messy updo look good, but this hairstyle is not for regular days. You can carry this hairstyle during college parties.

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