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When immune system overreacts to particular food articles, the food allergy is triggered. Theoretically, any food can cause food allergy.  Sometime immune system erroneously considers harmless proteins as a threat and releases several chemicals which then cause allergic reactions. Allergen could be foods, drinks or something in your meal. Mostly the food allergy reactions have mild effects on the body, but if not treated at the right time and in a right manner, they can become life-threatening and even deadly.

Know about food allergy

Food allergy is different from food intolerance. The food allergy triggers an immune system reaction which affects other organs of the body. While in the condition of food intolerance, only digestive system gets affected.

The symptoms of food allergy are totally depended on that fact that in which part of your body the chemicals are released and how severe the effect of allergy is. The symptoms of food allergy might become visible after some time of eating or touching the food that causes an allergic reaction. However, few symptoms of can take a few hours to develop.

Causes of food allergy

The foods that are prone to allergic reaction are sesame, peanuts, fish, tree nuts, corn products, eggs, milk, wheat, soya and many more. Food allergies are found more in children as compared to adults, but some children can have allergic symptoms of food allergy as they get older. You can discover the symptoms of food allergy as an adult, even if you never had any sort of food allergy as a child. Food allergies might get triggered from different food to different person. Generally, high protein foods are regarded as source of food allergy.

Treatment for food allergy

The best way to avoid the food allergy is avoiding the food allergens. But in case, you accidently consume the food from which you are allergic then you are required to take immediate action, otherwise allergic reaction will become worst. Yes, instead of curing the allergic reaction, you should better visit an allergy doctor to get treatment for allergy. The doctor will prescribe medication which will not only give relief from allergic reaction but also provide long lasting relief from allergy.

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