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Try Brazilian hair straightening treatment to experience fabulous hair. Those who experience lackluster and dry hair problem, this treatment promises to give the hair perfect smoothening effect to make the tresses perfectly manageable.

This is basically a keratin based treatment that makes the hair shiny and smoother. Even the frizziest of hair would experience best of results within this type of a treatment. It never fully straightens the curls and waves of the hair. Rather, what it does is making the hair softer while making it more manageable than ever. However, be ready to invest 90 minutes from your busy schedule to get the treatment done. The effect of this treatment would last for around a couple of months, most notably 90 days. Considering the cost, it could be slightly on the expensive side. This is a common treatment for the celebrities. However, before proceeding, be sure to keep a few things in mind.

What is the blowout method all about?

Brazilian blowout procedure actually helps in improving the health of the hair. It helps in strengthening the tresses by enriching the damaged cuticles with pure keratin and botanical extracts. It helps in softening and moisturizing the hair condition. This type of a blowout treatment is perfectly apt for every hair type, straight, brittle, fine, thick, over-processed, and frizzy. This particular treatment is much different in comparison to the Japanese or Brazilian hair straightening treatments. In this format, no harmful and harsh chemicals are used. Even, the use of formaldehyde is strictly restricted to marginal quantity.

To become an expert salon professional in Brazilian Keratin treatment

In order to learn the proceedings, a couple of days’ workshop needs to be attended by the salon professionals. The Blowout procedure revolves around the following steps:

  • Washing the hair with mild and clarifying shampoo
  • Rinse thoroughly with normal water.
  • Apply keratin to the hair in a manner that is similar to that of application of hair color
  • Keep it for 10 minutes
  • Blow-dry the hair as per the normal way
  • Flat ironing is required in smaller sections to get the formula sealed perfectly to the roots of the hair
  • Get the hair rinsed and then dry it one more time

Time and cost involvement in Brazilian Blowout treatment

The entire Brazilian Blowout treatment procedure will take near about 90 minutes to get done. It would cost around $350 dollars. The impact and effect would be lasting up to a maximum of 90 days. Post this time, the effect would slowly diffuse and wash away. However, there would be no line of any demarcation once the new hair starts to grow.

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