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We all love the results of Brazilian blowout and it’s also a very popular hair smoothening technique. However, like a lot of people, there might be a train of questions running through your mind. Here are all of the answers to those commonly asked questions about Brazilian keratin straightening.

What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

First things first, you’re probably curious as to what a Brazilian blowout is. Well, a Brazilian blowout is kind of like a hybrid of hair straightening and smoothening. It’s essentially a treatment that gets rid of frizz for good and that’s done by covering every strand of hair in a very rich protein or keratin-packed treatment.

This allows the elimination of frizz by smoothening the dry hair down and making your usually wavy hair somewhat straight. It also imparts shine and gloss to the hair and it also gives a healthier appearance to the hair.

After the treatment has been applied, the hair is blow-dried to fuse the keratin and that’s how you achieve beautiful, silky, smooth, and tangle-free hair. It is a very good treatment for women who suffer from a lot of frizz and tangled hair and want to do something permanent about this mess.

Brazilian Blowout Or Keratin Treatment?

Usually, a lot of women can confuse a keratin treatment for a Brazilian blowout, because of the striking similarities in each process. Well, both treatments are quite the opposite. A keratin treatment uses a solution that has formaldehyde and chemicals that break the bonds in your hair altogether. Whereas a Brazilian blowout uses a very potent protein or keratin solution to help boost the hair strand health and give it that healthy and glossy sheen.

A keratin treatment also requires rigorous aftercare. You can’t wash or style your hair for at least 3 days, whereas a Brazilian blowout is more forgiving.

Can You Style Your Hair Afterwards?

Yes, you can. A Brazilian blowout isn’t very strict when it comes to styling or manipulating the hair after the treatment. You can style your hair like normal, although it is not recommended that you do, solely to protect your hair from further heat damage.

Since a blow dryer is used on your mane to set the protein treatment in place, the last thing your hair needs is more heat. That’s not to say that you can’t let your hair near a heating tool, but it’s generally advised to give your hair a breather.

Is Brazilian Blowout Permanent?

Lucky for you, a Brazilian blowout is very much semi-permanent. It’s not going to last you a year, but it can leave your hair looking sleek and frizz-free for about 2 to 6 months if you maintain it right. Just like a keratin treatment, a Brazilian blowout is catered to give you amazing and healthy hair for a long, long time and you can sport a frizz-free mane for months.

If you maintain your hair and prevent kinks and knots from forming, then you can even stretch the blowout to the 8-month mark. Anything over this time frame will require a bit of touch-up.

Is It Safe?

As compared to other hair smoothening and permanent hair straightening treatments, a Brazilian blowout sports a halo, because it’s not even half as damaging as other rigorous hair straightening techniques. The solution applied to the hair is full of protein, rich ingredients, and good stuff that your hair needs to look and feel healthy.

The only damaging part of the process of a Brazilian blowout is the heat from the blow dryer, but it’s not something too drastic as compared to a Japanese hair straightening treatment or even a keratin treatment, because the solutions used in these treatments can be damaging and hazardous.

Can I Get A Brazilian Blowout With Extensions?

If you’ve got hair extensions and want to go for a Brazilian blowout, then you might need to have those removed first. Hair extensions are very hit or miss and if you’re not sporting high-quality extensions on your head, then the Brazilian blowout can take a wrong turn and damage your hair.

It’s better if you opt for a Brazilian blowout on your natural hair and then apply extensions after the fact by going to a hair extensions salon Rockville. The results will be far better and there won’t be any problems either, so that’s great.

Can You Get It Done On Colored Hair?

You’ll be happy to know that you can get a Brazilian blowout on colored or highlighted hair. A lot of the time, many hair straightening methods are catered to either virgin hair or colored hair only and there’s no in-between. Well, that’s where Brazilian blowout wins the show because it can be done on virgin hair that has never been chemically treated before as well as on dyed hair.

A Brazilian blowout is meant to add life and shine back into your hair and if you’ve been through the hell of dyeing your hair over and over and are now suffering from immense damage and frizz, then those hiccups can be fixed with a Brazilian blowout. You will love the results it gives your hair in the end.

How Much Does It Cost?

Brazilian blowout costs vary from salon to salon. High-end salons and department chains will charge you a lot more, whereas hole-in-the-wall salons might charge you less. The trick is to find a salon that you know and trust because, besides the process, the expertise of the technician is more important.

Usually, a Brazilian blowout will cost you anywhere between $80 to $600 depending on your hair length and where you get it done.

Can You Do It At Home?

Absolutely! You can get the same or somewhat close results as a salon if you choose to do a Brazilian blowout at home. There are a lot of Brazilian blowout kits available in the market that you can get your hands on and get straight and frizz-free hair at home.

All you need for this is a blow dryer with lots of heat settings, some gloves, and a Brazilian blowout kit of your choosing. If you’ve done hair treatments at home in the past, then this will be a piece of cake and you’ll also end up saving lots of money.

Will My Hair Be Pin-Straight?

Usually, people will mistake a Brazilian blowout for a hair straightening treatment and while it can marginally straighten slightly wavy hair, you can’t expect your hair to go from coiled to dead-straight after the treatment. Your hair will certainly get rid of frizz, but marketing and endorsing a Brazilian blowout as a hair straightening treatment is far-fetched.

Hair straightening methods use a flat iron and protein-breaking agents that lead to pin-straight hair and even the curliest of hair can be straightened, but a Brazilian blowout is very mild, and curly-haired women won’t notice any difference, besides the elimination of frizz.


Brazilian blowout seems to be the most likable treatment for women with almost any hair texture. So, now that you got your questions answered, when are you getting your hair done? If you want to try it, head to a Brazilian blowout salon Rockville.

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