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Hair coloring one’s hair means to transform the natural hair color with different hues either permanently or temporarily, whereas highlighting means to select fewer or more strands of one’s hair to lighten or darken, and make it more noticeable. It could be tricky for some, but the whole concept of it is to dye their hair for whatever reason. Despite the threatening effects of hair color and highlights to the hair because of the harmful chemicals it possesses, people still push on coloring their hair. So you may wonder why different people change and invest in expensive hair cosmetics? Here are the reasons:

Some Convincing Factors


  1. There’s this old saying “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off” a lot of females still rely on this mantra for their everyday look and it could be the same reason for them to do a lot of fancy things to their hair such as hair coloring and highlighting, despite the fact that they are damaging their hair with harmful chemicals they still push through it. And at the same time, that is one of the reasons why there are lots of Hair artist and stylist who invested in conducting training and providing knowledge about hair cosmetics. In addition, that old saying could be anchored as well to another old saying “Dress to impress” which had the same thought and that is to express their self to the public at first glance.
  2. Most of the time as well, females tend to express their relationship status by dying their hair and cutting it short, according to a study, women who ended up their relationship usually use darker shades or highlights to dye their hair and lighter colors for those in a growing relationship. You would probably think it is odd, but that’s just how people think during this millennial period.

Both Genders

  1. “For a change” – Ther millennial generation tends to be more and more expressive, even guys they used different types of approach to catching people’s attention, and once they’ve caught your attention, you would be curious to ask them: “why did you change something“ And ended up having the reply “nothing, just for a change.”
  2. Their natural hair does not fit their personality/attitude – A lot of people use their clothes as a way of expressing themselves to others. People who opt for a hair makeover are trying to do the same thing as well. Can you imagine, being the type of person who preferred bright and delightful colors in their hair, who happens to have black and dark skin, for some, they could be frustrated to have that look right? And it is not a complementing color for them.
  3. Another reason is because it’s the new trend – Since it is the era of the millennial people, what’s trending becomes common in a short period of time, people tends to copy what they think looks cool and IN for fashion which is very understandable. For a good example, the Korean Pop culture who invaded the world with their cool looks and upbeat music, and one of the highlights of their culture was their dyed or highlighted hair even for a girl group. And since they can be worldwide in TVs, social media, and on the Internet, KPOP fans not only adapted their music but also had their hair dyed or highlighted too. But don’t get it wrong, just because a person dyed his/her hair doesn’t mean that he/she is a certified KPOP fan already. Moreover, based on different social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook and Twitter one of the most common hair color that trends worldwide is the Rainbow Hair Color, and most of them are blond headed.


These are the possible reasons why a person dyed or highlighted their hair, and all of it was understandable. What’s important is that at the end of the day, if they happened to change or highlighted their hair, people are going to criticize and give their either positive or negative opinion about it, and with that being said, they have to stand to their thought that it was their own choice, they don’t have to be affected by the negativity of others, they don’t owe anyone an explanation why they did something to their body. So if you wanted to express yourself through your hair, let the hair salons specializing in color  Rockville do the job for you and just be confident about the aftermath.

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