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Julien Di Giusto

People who are following the news regarding advertising and similar areas have probably come across the name Julien Di Giusto. This is not a surprise because Julien Di Giusto is one of the most popular young entrepreneurs working with advertising and communication. Although he is relatively young, he has great experience in the aforementioned activities. In case someone is wondering how this is possible, we should mention that Julien Di Giusto has shown interest in art and advertising even when he was just 12 years old.

Julien Di Giusto is born in Mulhouse, a city with 100.000 inhabitants located in Alsace region in France close to the border with Switzerland. There were two main reasons why Julien has decided to continue with this type of career. First of all, this is a very old city with rich history. It was known as a cultural center of this part of France and in addition, it was a very prosperous city in the late 18th century. Mulhouse has also embraced the process of industrialization, so we can freely say that people in Mulhouse had an entrepreneurial spirit. The second reason why Julien Di Giusto became what he is today – a successful entrepreneur that runs a creative agency – is his parents, especially his father. According to Julien, his father who was considered to be one of the best artists in Mulhouse at least when it comes to architecture has encouraged him to explore the world of art even when he was just a little boy. He regularly visited museums, galleries and take field trips to the neighboring cities. His entire childhood was influenced by art. After finishing high school, Julien decided to focus his career on something that is related to art. He signed up on college and after taking classes in Lille and Strasbourg he managed to finish the college with great grades and in a timely manner.

He didn’t wait to finish college in order to start working and gain knowledge in the field of marketing and art. He worked in several agencies focused on advertising and brand development and he was personally involved in several private projects. Besides some small and successful agencies he worked for a few major brands like Angle Records for example, This Milan-based agency is owned by Nicola Guiducci the ex boyfriend of Kaith Haring. He has also contributed to Nicola Guiducci’s magazine known as NGtm or Nicola Guiducci trade mark.

In 2012, Julien Di Giusto has founded Mars Rouge agency where he works as an art director. This full-service communications and advertising agency is located in Mulhouse, the place where it all started. Although Julien is experienced in the field of modern advertising, photography and interface design, he has also gathered a team of experts in few other fields like media relations, web design, social media marketing, digital marketing, public relations, print, publishing etc. His goal is to provide full-service for his clients and speed up the process of brand promotion and brand building.

Whilst it is true that there are many agencies like Mars Rouge, it is also true that there are several things that make Mars Rouge different from the others. First of all, they are not managed by Julien Di Giusto. He is a man of many talents and this was proven in more than one occasion. In addition, the staff that works in Mars Rouge was selected after a long process of selection. Finally, the main point of all the services they have in their offer is to provide creative solutions for the clients, solutions that have never been seen before.

According to Julien, advertising is a serious investment, but this is also a measurable investment. With the help of his agency, clients can calculate the return of investment and know exactly how much they have gained. Julien Di Giusto with his Mars Rouge is focused on building relations with his clients that last for a long time. This professional approach has resulted in building relations with several reputable brands like Roche, Vitra and Novartis.

Julien Di Giusto doesn’t practice patterns in his projects. He knows that every project is different and that’s why he first performs thorough research after he finds out what the goals of his clients are.

Mars Rouge was a relatively small agency, but thanks to the hard work of Julien and his team it is now expanding. This October, the agency will open new offices in Bretagne. The main purpose of these offices is to help brands from Alsace to spread their influence to Bretagne and Paris.

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