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Summer days are finally here and you might have started using your air conditioning unit. Well, if you don’t want to sabotage your hardly earned money on ac repair or energy bills, then you should consider air conditioner servicing before you start using your air conditioner unit.

Enjoy energy efficient cooling

Every homeowner wants to enjoy air conditioning at minimal cost but no one wants to sacrifice comfort during hot and muggy summer days. Energy saving is probably the last thing which homeowners want to think during hot and humid summer days. However, energy saving measures can be taken during nights. You can take advantage of milder nighttime temperature to save a good amount of money on cooling bill.

Tips for using air conditioning at night

#1: Raise your thermostat temperature before bed

Night is the easiest time of the day when you can plan about energy savings. The outside temperature become cool, so your air conditioner will not have to work hard to provide comfortable temperature. So, raise your thermostat settings to 2 -3 degrees when you go to sleep.

#2: Turn off electronic devices before sleeping

You might have dozens of electronic devices at your home. If these devices left ON when they are not in use, they might add significant amount of heat to your home. Thus turn off the electronic devices like TV, laptop, computers and lamps before sleeping. This action will not only save you electricity in general but also reduce the load of air conditioner.

#3: Use bedroom fans

If you don’t feel comfortable with raised thermostat settings, then instead of lowering the temperature, you can use bedroom fans. Bedroom fan will consume lesser energy than lower thermostat settings.

#4: Open windows on colder nights

Cooler summer nights are one of the greatest gifts of the nature and you should totally cherish this gift. Turn off your air conditioner during colder nights and take bliss of natural air.

So, these are some energy saving tips which can help you to save money on cooling bills. But do remember to hire an ac contractor for routine maintenance of your cooling device.

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