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There are so many things and many magic props you can incorporate into magic tricks, like cards, small balls, handkerchiefs, hats, and more. But, one of the best tools you can use to perform mind-blowing magic tricks is your hands. Here are some tricks you can master with the sleight of hand.

“Bending A Spoon” Trick

This trick is great to perform in front of people and the best part is that you don’t even need an already bent spoon to do this trick. This trick definitely involves the movement of your hand, because the way you move your hand and fingers will give the illusion that the spoon is actually bending. The trick starts with you holding a spoon in between your thumb and pointer finger.

Now, you will move the hand and fingers in a way that will show the audience that the spoon is moving and bending. This is not actually the case. You’re just maneuvering the spoon with your hand movements to make it look like it’s getting bent, but in reality, you’re just moving it at an angle and making the illusion look real. If you want to make this trick even better, then try to use a bigger spoon, because it will be much more convincing.

After you’ve sufficiently amazed the crowd, you can grab the spoon normally and show the audience that the spoon is, in fact, not bent and it will look like an actual psychic trick, but you know all of the tricks behind it. Since sleight of hand tricks don’t have any other props to distract your audience, you have to be really good at it, to begin with, so practice this trick as much as you can and appear confident in front of the crowd.

An Elastic Pencil Trick

This trick is easy to perform and you don’t need a lot of things to prepare for this trick either. The main gist of the trick is that you will hold a pencil by the bottom and shake it. This will make it seem like the pencil is bendable and it’s really easy to sway back and forth.

Now, here is where the magic happens. You don’t need a special pencil for this. All you really need is a pencil with an eraser at the bottom. The trick here is to pinch the eraser between your fingers so that it’s not visible to the crowd. This part does take a bit of time to master because you want to rely on the movement of your hand to ensure that the eraser stays hidden. This can get better with practice and this is the only thing that you need to get better at.

Once you can shake the pencil without showing the eraser, you’re good to go. You can do this with a pencil of any size, but a standard, long pencil will work wonderfully in this trick because it will sway better and as you increase the speed, it will look even more convincing and you will do a good job in wowing the crowd. Dress well for the magic tricks and shop from Halloween costume shop.

The Vanishing Coin Trick

This trick is really easy to do for beginners and you can guess by the name on what goes down in it. Basically, you use the movements of your hands to make a coin “disappear”. This trick really shows you how to distract the crowd and how you can create misdirection, in order to make your performance successful.

So, what happens in this trick is that you take a coin and show it to your audience. You want to hold the coin with your thumb and two fingers, fully encircling it and showing it to the audience. You want to hold the coin in your dominant hand because this hand will basically do all of the work.

Next, while holding the coin in the same position, you want to bring your other hand over the coin, stretching it out, with the thumb tucked behind the fingers. This is where the misdirection starts. Once the coin is concealed behind the non-dominant hand, you can move the thumb behind the fingers and make the audience believe that you’re making a grab for the coin with your other hand.

When you’ve done that, you want to flick your hand and remove the non-dominant hand from the frame of sight. You can even move your thumb and fingers to convince people that you’ve grabbed the coin. In reality, however, you’re pushing the coin back into the palm of the dominant hand and making a fist to conceal it. The misdirection of the non-dominant hand is just a distraction so that people don’t notice what you’re doing with your other hand.

While keeping people intrigued on the non-dominant hand, tuck the coin away under your leg discreetly. Then, you can open both of your hands and the coin won’t be in either. You have successfully tricked the crowd. You can end the trick here, or you can add a bit more jazz to the trick by making the coin reappear.

While holding the coin in a fist of two fingers and your thumb, stretch your hand out to any person in the crowd and flick the hair or ear of an audience member from behind. In doing so, you will push the coin into your pointer finger and thumb, and voila! It will reappear.

Floating Dollar Bill Trick

This trick is super fun to try for beginners and this is pretty discreet too. All you need for this is a dollar bill and a small coin.

You want to tuck the coin under the dollar bill while you show it to your audience. Then, you will start to fold it, while in reality, you’re folding the bill with the coin in it and this is going to help the bill to “levitate” afterward. Make sure that the coin is on the far end of the bill so that when you fold it, it will rest on the thumb of your hand.

Slowly, rest the dollar bill that’s been folded into a thick strip, on the thumb and try to let go of it. When you let go of the bill, the bill will magically rest and slightly levitate on the thumb. In order to add a bit of drama to the trick, you can also do magic motions with your hands, which will leave the crowd in awe, as to how the bill is being balanced on the thumb.

The only thing that you need to take care of is the fact that the coin needs to be concealed perfectly and while you’re folding the bill over the coin, try to distract the audience with small talk, so that you can get the job done without anyone noticing. This is the part where you can mess up pretty easily, so try to practice this trick in front of the mirror.


Hands are probably the most fun way of performing magic tricks in front of other people because it’s mysterious and unique. So, what are you waiting for? Get to practice and browse a magic shop online for inspiration because you don’t want to slack.

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