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Enjoy each and every bit of your wedding celebration

Tying knots with your soul mate is precious and beautiful moment of life that is why every bride and groom desires to throw a picture perfect Wedding party. Well, organizing wedding party is such a nerve-racking affair. From wedding tent rentals to cake, from guest list to wedding dress, and from venue to menu everything should have to be up to the mark. With the right planning and preparation, it is possible to throw a dreamy wedding party. Here are a Do’s & Don’ts that are helpful in planning a fantastic wedding.

What to do before wedding?

Set budget: Before you start planning anything else, do decide wedding budget. Your budget will ambidextrously compel as well as liberate you to make wedding arrangement as per your requirements.

Book appropriate wedding venue: Many a times, it happens that in the wedding season non-availability of good wedding venue ruin wedding jubilation. All you need to do is to book wedding venue in advance.

Hire experience wedding planner: Savvy wedding planner can make your wedding day, the most memorable day of your life. Not just you, each and every guest of your party will remember your wedding for years. A wedding planner will handle all big and small tasks of a wedding.

Personally choose wedding photographer: Wedding photographs have a special niche in life. Good photographs can aggrandize post wedding celebrations. That is why you should pay special heed before choosing any random photographer or videographer for your wedding.

Buy complimenting wedding dresses: Wedding celebrations are one time (mostly) event. So, both bride and groom should wear dresses which complement each other.

What not to do before the wedding?

Don’t wear over makeup: Whether it is the bride or groom, both should not wear over makeup. The gracefulness and simplicity of the bridegroom are the highlight of the wedding. So, do not try to become the super bridegroom by wearing over makeup.

Don’t take a guest list lightly: Guest is an important part of the wedding. You should prepare guest list in advance and do not miss important guest from either side.

Don’t rush for last time shopping: Dresses, shoes, accessories, cake, flower and other important wedding stuff, should be purchased in advance. Last minute humdrum will spoil your wedding jubilation.

Don’t Be Bossy with your bridesmaids: Bridesmaids are a special part of a wedding program. These girls selflessly participate in wedding ceremonies for the happiness of the bridegroom. So, it is important to behave with bridesmaids.

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