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The whole story of basketball- the game

Basketball is a game played between two teams, with five players each. The game extends for up to 40 min and additional five min are awarded if draw. The game was basically founded by Sir James Naismith, who was a physical education trainer by profession. Basketball was first tried as an outdoor game, but due to several injuries to the players it was made an indoor game. Peach baskets were hung on two walls of the gymnasium and ladders were used to take out the ball, few times later open baskets came into use. The very first basketball match was played in the year 1891, at that time nine players used to play for one team. During the first match 13 sets of rules were formulated which later on got reduced to seven.

Basketball is a very interesting and fun game, but safety measures should be taken while playing this game. As a player of basketball is very prone to injuries, so safety measures are mustSafety equipment of basketball includes- knee guard, elbow guard, proper high ankle basketball shoes. Along with enjoyment, basketball also provides with various healths related pleasures and hence helps an individual to live a fit and healthy life.

Why to play basketball?

Basketball involves a lot of running, jumping and stopping. It is basically a kind of aerobic sport; and along with it, basketball is a great workout that can facilitate you to:

  • Burn out extra calories Fun fact: playing basketball  for an hour can  help you to burn approximately 630–750 calories)
  • Playing basketball Build-up endurance.
  • Improve sense of balance, mind and body coordination.
  • Develop concentration, deliberation and self-discipline.
  • Help you to build up your body muscles.
  • Playing basketball also helps to add a few inches to your height.

Other than health related benefits, basketball also host various social benefits such as:

·         Help you out to make new associates.

  • Develop a sense of brotherhood.
  • Basketball is a game which can be played by people of any age, weather adult or kid all can enjoy this game.
  • As it is an indoor game, it can be played anytime and in any season.
  • Develops qualities like leadership and sportsmanship.

As it is an indoor game anyone can learn it and practice it all by himself and enjoy the game.

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