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Cricket is the only sport which has fans all over the world, regardless of sect, race and religion. Although there are other games like football and hockey, no game has sentiments of the whole nation attached to it. Be it one day international, local inter-city championships or world cup matches, nations rise to support their national teams, either through social media posts and tweets or through final match parties.

Since cricket has such a great impact and influence on the worldwide countries, the fan following is equally commendable. The millions of fans follow all sorts of cricket matches, usually through their local cable based TV sets. Watching cricket on TV is rather undependable although it still has the old school charm in it: a bunch of friends, all hunched around the television watching the latest match innings with utter excitement.

One can never know when the cable would go off and start showing nothing other than the infamous black and white, no signal TV screen. Imagine the sight of the last over or ball that would decide the fate of both of the playing teams, imagine the very last moment when the ball hits the bat and then imagine the cable going off. These moments, many of us have often experienced. There is nothing more annoying than being unable to see the very last match results.

In this age of information and technology, there is a way to avoid such moments that leave you wanting to jump off a cliff. Live cricket streaming may just be the miracle all cricket fans are looking for. Not only can you watch the match live, as it is happening, you will also not face any unnecessary disruptions like those you might face while watching matches on television.

Watching cricket online only requires a WIFI connection and a device which can connect to the internet-that’s all. There are many host websites that feature live cricket streaming involving all types of matches that include ODIs, T20s and World Cups as well. Along with that, many local sports based websites also feature local matches that are either inter regional or inter country matches.

Another positive thing about online cricket streaming is that you won’t have to watch any unnecessary ads which you have to force yourself to watch on TV.

If the match is not live and you are streaming an internet match that has already taken place, you have the plus point of either rewinding or fast forwarding through the match video if you want to re watch a certain part or over or if you want to skip certain overs when you don’t have the time to watch the entire show.

There is also another aspect which is highly advantageous when it come to online cricket streaming. You will be able to watch the matches even when you are out and cannot watch the television. You can even enjoy live cricket streaming when you are on the road if you have 3G or 4G connection.

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