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When it comes to live entertainment events, Cardena Marketing Network (CMN) is always raising the stakes. From the biggest names in the Latin music to sports events, we’ll provide you with some of the best entertainment of your lives. CMN brings you the best in live entertainment with round the year concerts and live entertainment from a multitude of Latin music acts musicians.

Live entertainment events can be a good way to blow off some steam or take a vacation if you have been busy for a while. Or it can just be a way to cap off a good day with some fun. And if that’s what you are looking for then CMN awaits your presence in our events and concerts. You can be sure that any time, the night, you spend in a live event by CMN would be one of the most memorable and entertaining you would experience anywhere.

We also have Latin music concerts; Latin music offers a casual, festival-like environment. It serves to attract all Latin Americans, including the multitude of great Latin and Spanish musical artists from people such as Juan Gabriel, Enrique Iglesias to Marc Anthony, Juan Gabriel and Chayanne among many others who have made the Latin music what it is today. Latin musicians are specifically known for combining tradition and innovation in their new arrangements of classic Latin jazz and originals. So put aside your headphones and join us by grabbing your tickets for our latest live entertainment events while they last and spend an evening (or a day) enjoying the ultimate set list from rumba flamenco pop to Latin R&B no genre embodies all the sounds of the world like this one!

Live entertainment events with CMN not only include prestigious musical acts but also family activities, art exhibitions, and food from Central and South America to celebrate the varieties behind the cultures of Latin America.

What’s more, we know events like these will be nothing without the food and play groups for the younger ones so you could enjoy the concerts and the events without worries while the rest of the family are enthralled by the variety of activities and unique experiences. Come and say “hakuna matata” with us in Latin like!

The CMN events feature cultural dances, traditional Latin cooking demonstrations and much more so everyone could participate and experience a unique cultural delight in the Latin flavors and colors.

The events of the season beckon you to get down with us and jazz up at our events. From Latin music artists to sports teams and bands, we connect thousands of fans with their stars and much more in thousands of live entertainment events each year. You can gather all the information you need on this website and grab your tickets too!

We’ll be waiting to see you along with friends and family, rocking it all the way Latino style along with us to a night you’ll never forget!

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