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You know when you get the order of child support and your child support lawyer explains the order in detail, you will be surprised with some of the facts written there.

Child support laws

Let’s have a quick look at a few child support laws:

No Parent Can Be Prevented to Visit Children

Even if you have physical custody of your children, you cannot stop another parent to visit the children. It is their legal right and you can get more details about this from your child support lawyer as well. Yes, if you prove another parent to be not suitable for children in any way then you can stop him/her from visiting your children. But if the court finds both parents to be okay for children then it is in their best interest to see both parents frequently for healthy brought up.

Chances of Visitation Rights to Be Withhold

It is possible if another parent is okay in all aspects but you still want to take away the visitation rights from him/her. It can be done if your ex fails to pay you the agreed child support amount on time but you will have to collect proofs of non-payments. Your family lawyer can help you here in collecting the proofs from your bank or receipts of money order so you can file a case for withholding the visitation rights from your ex.

Individual Decision Making

No matter when both parents have joint custody of their children, they are still eligible to take any decision for their child without the consent of another parent. Though your family lawyer might advise you not to use this right as healthy communication is important for the sake of children who gets very disturbed already due to the separation of their parents. Also, it can land both parents again in court if things catch more fire and become more serious.

Arrest Warrant Can Be Issued When Needed

Though it is quite horrifying but it is legal that if either of the parents fails to pay the child support then an arrest warrant might be issued for him/her. Though there are certain stages of non-payment and arrest warrant is the last option but both parents should be well aware of this fact. Also, be noted that there could be other penalties imposed on the non-paying parents as well along with the arrest warrant. So, it is not easy to ignore the rights of your children and you both should know the consequent results of such acts very well.

 Child Support Order Can Be Amended Anytime

When the parents prove that there are changes in the situation then it is possible to amend the child support order. Your child support lawyer can help you in making important changes in order when there is a legit reason. For instance, there might be some financial problem with either of the parent or maybe anyone of you is facing unemployment all of a sudden. There could be other legitimate reasons as well which can help in amending the child support order.

Unemployed Parent Will Also Have to Pay Child Support Money

This implies to the parents who are voluntarily not working or can do a job but not doing so just because they don’t want to do that. So if you think you are unemployed therefore you won’t have to pay the child support then you are completely wrong. If you are capable enough for any job, then the child support amount will be decided considering the pay rate given to any person equivalent to your capabilities. And this amount will be added in the calculation of the child support amount and then divided into both parents.

Child Support Amount Can Be Directly Paid from Your Employer

Well, it happens when either of the parents fails to pay the child support amount on time. Another parent can consult the best family lawyer in Fairfax VA and get the court order to receive the child support directly from the employer of your ex. It works as a deduction made directly from the salary of a parent who fails to pay the child support on time. Though it does not happen usually when such matters are sorted out away from the court but one has to be aware of the consequences.

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