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Aromatherapy is a science of pure indulgence. A natural therapy that lightens mood and physical well being by using essential oils extracted from nature. Its healing value is proven by the fact that aromatherapy is now a specialized branch of alternative medicines. The added advantage is that these aromatherapy products have no side effects.

Aromatherapy stimulates brain function, increases healing, decreases depression and stress level and improves concentration level. Its mood enhancing abilities can also works wonders on occasions like marriage and dating. Thanks to the benefits of aromatherapy it has gained wide acceptance among the masses.

There are many sources of aroma products like Lemon, Jasmine, Lavender, Sage and Peppermint. Different products have their own healing benefits.

Aromatherapy products can be consumed in broadly two ways:

  1. By air: like perfumes and candles with special fragrance. It’s for those people who don’t like oil treatments.
  2. By direct application on the body: like essential oils used for massage. Getting messaged will not only help in aroma therapy, but also in relaxing muscles.

Various kinds of aromatherapy gifts are available in the market today. Some of these are:


Aromatherapy gift sets

This is a complete package; it includes wide range of products. Nothing is left for chance. It contains premium essential oils, candles, perfumes, massage blends and sometimes even a bouquet of flower.


Essential oil diffusers

There are various kinds of oil diffusers available. For example, evaporative diffuser, humidifying diffuser, heat diffuser and nebulizer diffuser. Each is very effective in different situations. Like for example Ultrasonic diffuser are useful in cold weather, since they also act as humidifier. So make a choice depending upon the taste of a person you are giving it to.


Fragrance oil

Fragrance oil is an essential element of aromatherapy. They are artificially manufactured and used to enhance the sense of smell.


Soy candles

These soy candles are infused with natural essential oils or scented fragrance. However, some are made from natural vegetable wax and some from artificial materials. So choose accordingly.

Giving someone aromatherapy product is a perfect gift ideas. These gifts are a delight to the senses. They uplift the mood of an individual in the real sense of the world.

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