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An Android Watch is a great tool for health tracking, improved notifications and quick communications. It’s not just solely about work, though, as you can fiddle around with a few games on your Android smartwatch to pass the time waiting for an appointment or standing in line. Here are a couple of the ones you really need to check out:

  1. Flappy Bird– or more specifically, the many clones out there. You control a bird or a similar creature, beating its wings with each tap. Time the taps correctly to get through the obstacles in your way. Get it wrong, and watch your creature go splat. The simple controls belie the challenging content of the game; making it perfect for an Android watch.
  2. Flappy Crush – take the premise of flappy bird, flip it around so you control the pipes, and go crush those birds so they don’t make it past your defenses. A pretty nifty take on Flappy Bird’s success, and well worth the download considering how much fun it can be to play the ‘bad guy’ of the game.
  3. QuizUp – if you’re a trivia nut, then QuizUp is the game for you. Pick a category, go head-to-head with friends and family or total strangers, and see who has the bigger treasure trove of knowledge locked away in their head. Free to play on your Android smart watch, but you’ll need a wireless Internet access point to go up live against other players.
  4. Threes – you have a bunch of numbers on the screen of your Android watch. Slide like numbers together, and they add up together. Rinse, repeat and see how far you can get. Again, the simply controls belie the depth of the content. You’d be surprised at how much time has passed by the time you get the first three-digit number to pop up.
  5. Gyro – spin the wheel to match the color of the approaching bullets, obtain power-ups, progress through the levels and see how far you can get with your reflexes. Not a bad choice for an Android wrist watch, especially since all you need is one finger to spin the wheel in the right direction.
  6. Air Control – a fun little puzzle game casting you in the role of an air traffic controller directing aircraft landings and takeoffs. From a relatively easy single airstrip to a massive airport complex or military aircraft carrier, this is one nifty little game to install on your Android watch.
  7. Action Potato – you have three pots. Tap a pot to catch the falling potato while avoiding the rotten potatoes. It’s simple, it has a laughable premise, and you’ll find yourself spending way too much time tapping away on your Android wearable than you bargained for.
  8. Beats Advanced Rhythm Game – this is, you guessed it, a rhythm game. Time your taps to grab the arrows just as they fall. It’ll take a bit of practice to get used to the setup with two fingers, but the payoff will be worth it if you’re looking for a challenging rhythm game on your Android smart wearable.
  9. Dots – match the dots of the same color by drawing lines connecting them together, and get as high a score as you can within one minute. A very simple yet addictive game that is excellent for when you want to burn away a few spare minutes using your Android watch.
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