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The utility of fiber optic cables have increased drastically over the years, which makes it vital you clean them properly. Aside cleaning, it is also important you carry out proper inspection of all the connectors so as to ensure they provide high quality connections. As much as you pay attention to using the right fiber optic cleaner, it is essential to see that they are used in the exact way. For example, accumulation of dust is likely to shut down the system or scratch sensitive surfaces, all of which can wreak havoc.

For the best and continued services to be generated off a fiber optic cleaner, certain precautions must be followed. The following is a list of do’s and don’ts’ for all:

  • Any cable, receiver or card that must be cleaned should be disconnected totally.
  • Before you carry out the inspection process, switch off the laser as there is every chance of it causing harm to your eyes. One of the biggest mistakes that anyone can do is look at the fiber optic cable with unprotected eyes. Avoiding it will make more sense.
  • Never try to touch the end face of the connectors with your hands.
  • While using the fiber optic cleaner, pay special attention at the time of inserting it at the proper angle and using the required force only. If you exceed the pressure into the area that must be cleaned then there is every chance of it to break and damages are likely in parts that must be cleaned.
  • After you have finished with the cleaning process, complete the inspection of the cleaned part. Be on the lookout for any cracks, crevices or pits on the end face as those can spell damage. In the event of such a thing happening, replace the part at the earliest.

There should be no compromise when using the right kind of fiber optic cleaner for all the cables and components. Make a proper selection of the product that would go best with the component. The most important thing is it must be able to do away with all the dust as well as microscopic particles, including oil. In most cases, a one click cleaner is a better choice to rid off the contaminants in the shortest time possible. Reality told, a lot of time and money is saved if you maintain your fiber optic tools and cleaning is the first and most vital part of the entire process. This way, a number of fiber optic network lags are avoided and you can be sure that your equipment will provide you services for long. Naturally, repair and replacement costs are curtailed as well.

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