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Miss Multiverse Pageant

The TV reality series and interactive model competition will be filmed on beautiful and exotic attention-grabbing destinations in the Jungles of The Congo, with activities full of adventures, adrenaline, lots of fun and intellectual challenges, it will also have a touch of glamor, luxury, fashion, beauty and pop-culture combining elements never seen before on TV.

The Hollywood based, multiple Emmy award winning, TV production company P & L Media will produce the TV series for US and international syndication. The program follows Liinda Grandia, the creator of Miss Multiverse as the roller coaster of obstacles and adventures unfolds amongst a group of 40 beautiful models from different nationalities whose lives revolve around, beauty, glamour, perfection and reaching the ultimate beauty queen status, while they are living in the jungles of the Congo on a journey towards the most sought-after prize ¨The Crown¨.

This is not just a TV series following a beauty contest that selects the prettiest girl, the program is about discovering all aspects of being a modern woman; Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; the models participating have to be independent, educated and empowered they have to be Multiverse. The girls will be tested on strength, endurance, kindness, intellect, leadership qualities through interviews and challenges to bring out the inner qualities in women who are also proficient and not only observable in the eyes of the beholder.

Australian Model Yolandi Franken will represent her country with the title Miss Multiverse Australia, and is overwhelmed with the opportunity to be part of this worldwide event and TV program. Yolandi expresses that she feels well identified with the concept and honoured to be part of the 40 young women who reached the grand finals.

The pageant will by elimination and judges’ voting, narrow down twenty finalists during the first two weeks. The final twenty finalists will go through to the big finale where only one girl will be crowned Miss Multiverse 2015.

These women are already accomplished models or have won beauty queen titles and are now at a point of their careers where motivation goes beyond showcasing their beauty; they are seeking life-changing experiences, recognition of their inner qualities, and the opportunity to give the best of themselves to empower others. Yolandi feels that the opportunity to be part of this show wills open doors for all the contestants and allow them to showcase their style, confidence, education, good people skills and a sense of community.

Prince Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan, African Business Man and Philanthropist, President of Black Lion Investments led the initiative to film the TV program in the Congo because it offers the combination of beautiful beaches and jungles with a touristic infrastructure and will create awareness about the country’s history and economic potential emphasizing in the areas of sustainable tourism, infrastructure development, financial services, health and education.

Yolandi Franken a philanthropist herself feels that being part of a program that gives back to communities across the world is not only a blessing but also a dream come true.
The contest will contribute to fund The Child of the Universe, an Organization that builds self-sustainable, technology driven, modern schools in all 54 countries of the African Continent.

Twitter: @MissMultiverse

The Miss Multiverse Pageant will take place late July 2015 and the exact dates will announced soon.

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