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So many marketers like you are always looking for the most economical ways to promote their business, products or affiliate offers over the internet.

Most of the times you strive to get the cheapest traffic methods leading you to traffic sources that claim to be free or will not convert at all, causing you time instead of money. But, you should have already know that time is money so you are not doing any good to our business.

What you can do though is, instead of trying to get Free traffic, either from Facebook pages or by twitting extensively (causing people to dislike you and unfollow you) or by spending hours on clicking on useless Traffic Exchanges, is to promote your business with a ptc website.

Ptc websites stand for Paid To Click. What they actually do, is to give their members monetary incentives to click and watch the advertisements for a fix amount of time, marketers like you promote on their platforms.

Note, I am not here to promote or judge this system works but to tell you about how awesome, cheap (and it brings results too) their advertising system is.

PTC Websites come in thousands. Every day – literally – 10 – 20 ptc websites pop all over the internet. If you try to search on Google then you will most probably run into a scam.

The competition is so fierce that it is hard to find established ptc websites that can deliver real people to your offers. As I was searching for the best ptc websites to advertise, I run on this list where it has a number of ptc websites that are up and working for over 5 years making it the most trustful list of ptc websites I’ve ever runed into.

The best of them all though and the one I use almost every time I’m starting an advertising campaign is called Clixsense. You can read a review here as this article is not a promo about Clixsense rather for cheap traffic methods.

Some benefits of Clixsense are:

  • Traffic sent to your affiliate offer, page or squeeze page is from real people.
  • You can target your advertisements based on gender and country of living.
  • The traffic is dirty cheap. $2.20 for 1000 clicks to your advertisement.
  • Trusted website with over 5 000 000 ACTIVE
  • Over 7 years online. Trusted by the internet marketing community.
  • Fix advertisements available with unlimited clicks for one day.

Advertising on ptc sites has given the opportunity for a little guy like me to be able to market online and start making my first $1000 per month. After that I was able to scale my marketing efforts to more expensive traffic sources like PPC, Media Buying, Paid Articles, PPV networks and affiliations.

The conclusion here is that it is better to start from low and scale up rather than jumping straight to the expensive sources.

Also, take this as a personal advice from me, stop wasting your time on Free Traffic Methods and focus on steady cheap traffic resources.

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