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Now a day every person likes to improve their health easily. They are conscious about everything that affects their health. They are willing to use the best wearable technologies these days. This is because they can look fashionable whenever they stay outdoors. They can take care of their wellbeing on a regular basis. Users of Misfit Shine nowadays enhance their health and trendy look at the same time as planned. Thus, they love this wearable technology and recommend it to their friends.

What is Misfit Shine 2?

Misfit Shine 2 is the world-class fitness tracker and sleep monitor. This wearable fitness tracker grasps the attention of youngsters and adults worldwide.  The most attractive design of this product has the best durability as awaited by users.  This product includes more than a few features of its predecessor. For example, this product has a built-in vibration for alerts, phone notifications, and silent alarms.

Key features

Multicoloured 12 LED lights on this activity monitor can flash in different hues.  Users of this product are satisfied because a wide variety of automatic features like sleep tracking and physical activities such as running. Lights and vibrations of this fitness tracker make users happier than ever.  The sleep tracking software work as per activities of its users and set wake up calls according to sleep cycle time.

Misfit Shine 2 is strong because it is built for any activity in any environment. This fitness tracker is made of aircraft grade aluminium, glass reinforced polycarbonate with the water resistance property.  Catchy features of this sleep monitor do not miss out the following.

  • 12 vivid LEDs
  • 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Vibration alarm
  • Enhanced Bluetooth
  • No charging required

How does Misfit Shine 2 works?

Users of Misfit Shine 2 get the maximum benefits from its effective performance.  This exercise tracker has the best ability to keep track of its users’ activities as accurately as possible. Users have to choose the exercise from a list of sports options like soccer, swimming, and tennis, basketball, running, and cycling. They get the most expected fitness tracking facilities in this product.

Shine 2 fitness tracker tracks sleep and detects that users dozing off automatically. This has high quality features to work in every environment.  Smart notifications of this product do not fail to surprise almost every user. Visit this site for all latest Misfit coupon.

Installation and set up

Once you have bought the Misfit Shine 2, you can download the Misfit app from the Google Playstore or iTunes as per your mobile gadget’s operating system. Once you have installed this app, you have to create a new account and login to use this fitness tracker conveniently. You can use the quick start guide in the package and get an idea about how to set up this fitness tracker’s sport band with action clip and clasp properly.

App compatibility

The compatibility of Misfit app with Android and iOS gadgets is the best.  Users of this product get different benefits from the world-class activity tracking and achieve their fitness goals.

All in all, this fitness tracker and sleep monitor is the best choice when you have planned to take care of your physical and mental health in the smart way hereafter.

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