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Every time we visit the market, we see the counters filled with numerous teeth whitening kits and products that claim to provide magical results, just within a matter of a few hours. The first question that comes to our minds is “are these products better than the professional teeth whitening performed by a dentist?” While satisfactory results can be achieved in both the cases, if a quality product as well a correct technique is used, following a comparison between both the procedures.

  • The Whitening Agent – the whitening, or the bleaching agent used in both the cases is usually the same I.e. Carbamide Peroxide. However, the domestic teeth whitening kits contain lesser concentration of the bleaching agent, so as to make them safer for use at home. On the other hand, a higher concentration of Carbamide Peroxide is used in professional teeth whitening, as the procedure is performed under the supervision of the dentist. Hence, better results are achieved with the in-office teeth whitening procedure.
  • Safety – both the domestic as well as the professional teeth whitening kits contain a safe concentration of the bleaching agent. However, the in-home whitening kits contain a milder concentration of the bleaching agent, and hence, safer for domestic use. In addition, you can bleach or damage your gums, if you are not careful while performing teeth whitening at home. On the other hand, there is no such risk when the same procedure is performed by the trained hands of the dentist.
  • Efficacy – generally speaking, satisfactory results can be achieved through either of the procedures, provided an accurate technique is utilized, and the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. However, the domestic whitening kits are not as effective as the professional whitening kits, as they contain a lesser concentration of the bleaching agent. As a result, the domestic whitening kits may require multiple treatments to achieve the same results that are attained with a single sitting of professional teeth whitening. Hence, professional teeth whitening may be best for you, if you require immediate results!
  • The Cost – no doubt, professional teeth whitening is costly, but so are the over the counter whitening products! So which product to choose? Despite its high cost, professional teeth whitening may be a better option for you, as it will be performed by an experienced dentist, and the outcome of the procedure will be certainly better than if the treatment is performed at home. At least, you won’t be wasting your hard earned money on the at-home whitening products, which hardly ever provide the desired results!
  • Number of Sittings Required! – The number of sittings required for the domestic as well the professional teeth whitening products depends upon the severity of the stains and discoloration. However, you will require a lesser number of sittings at a dental clinic, as the professional bleaching agents are more efficacious, due to their higher concentration.
  • The Ease of Use – in the case of professional teeth whitening, you don’t need to do anything. Simply sit back, relax, and the dentist work his or her magic! On the other hand, you need to exactly follow the manufacturer’s instruction in case of a domestic whitening product, if you want to observe any teeth whitening effect, if at all there is any whitening effect provided by them!

The mere fact that professional teeth whitening is performed under the supervision of a trained dentist, speaks highly of the quality and efficacy of the whitening treatment provided in comparison to a procedure that is performed by ourselves at home!

What to Do?

By now, it is clear that the professional teeth whitening procedure provides the best results in the shortest possible duration. The second question that now comes to mind is “where to find a dentist in Garden Grove that provides the best teeth whitening service?” if you want to have pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile and you are looking for a dentist in Fountain Valley, then you should visit the Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, where you will get quality dental care in a soothing and comfortable environment!

Why we are the best? Because we are a team of highly trained and experienced dentists that strives at providing you with the highest quality of dental treatment that you deserve! So why not visit us today, and get your teeth whitened, so that you can enjoy a beautiful and charming smile!

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