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Ready to go on a thrilling camping adventure with your family? Make it one to remember by getting the best experience you can and take advantage of your surroundings! Cherish all your camping adventure memories by taking pictures during your trip and making a scrapbook at the end! Try to get a Polaroid camera that immediately prints out the pictures so you can scrapbook the photos at the campsite before heading home. Your kids will get to create their very own page of their favorite memories of the trip that they get to keep to always remember. Bring colorful paper, glue, and markers so your family can add flare and creativity to your scrapbook!

There’s plenty of fun things you could do inside your Lightspeed camping tent, but way waste it inside?

Here are 7 fun things to do while camping to make your experience nothing short of adventurous!


One camping activity that can never be turned down is making s’mores! Nothing brings a family together more than a gooey marshmallow and chocolate treat. Make sure you bring some wet naps for easier clean up for your messy eaters!

Bike Riding

Another fun activity to do on your camping adventure is to go for a bike ride! No bikes? No problem. There are bike rentals literally everywhere. Get in some physical activity while exploring nature and the surroundings of your campsite by biking around with your family. You can discover a new path to ride on while pointing out all of the things you see along the way.


Keep up the adventure part of your trip by also going on a hike! Hikes are a great way to sightsee and find things to observe and maybe even pick up along the way. Make sure you pick a fun but not too strenuous hike so the kids can focus more on the experience rather than the physical aspect. It’s all about the journey, not the destination!

Shooting Stars

As the sun begins to set give nighttime stargazing a try and be sure to watch for shooting stars. Bring a map or book of constellations and point out all the different star formations you can find. If you see a shooting star, have your kids and family make a wish! To amp up the experience a little bit more, try to bring a telescope or binoculars. You will get an even clearer view of the stars and it will make your kids appreciate how beautiful the sky looks without the haze of pollution and city lights!


Give your family an adventurous challenge by going fishing! If this is your kids’ first time fishing, make sure you allot all of your time to teaching them all of the steps of fishing like attaching bait hooks, casting the line and most importantly, how to be patient. Catching their very own fish will make them feel accomplished and could give your whole family a tasty dinner!

Scavenger Hunt

If competition is what you seek, try organizing a family scavenger hunt! Make sure you plan this ahead so you can get it ready right away. Create a map with directions that leads your family to little clues hidden around the campsite or into the woods. Make it feel even more authentic by getting a small chest filled with gold chocolate coins and burying it for your family to dig up at the end! Your kids will feel accomplished while having fun at the same time.

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