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It has been observed that hair transplant surgeries are becoming quite common among people these days. However, there are some guidelines that you must review before going for such strong procedures.

Identify the Cause of Hair Loss

Normally people don’t know the main reason behind their baldness and just get fascinated with hair transplantation while it should not be like this. Hair transplantation is a proper medical procedure so you must know the real reason which can help you plan the correct procedure for your hair transplantation. Mostly people with fine hair suffer with hair loss. This identification will help predict the future hair loss and thus more focused transplantation will be planned in those critical areas. Also, this step includes the alteration of your main hairline so as to not give you any fake look after four to five years of surgery.

Choosing the Best Type of Hair Transplantation Procedure

There are basically two types of hair plantation procedures; Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Usually, your surgeon will suggest you the best procedure for your hair and scalp type but you should know what happens in both of these procedures and what may suit you the best. In FUT, the surgeon cut a strip of scalp from an area where hair growth is good and divides it into small sections to be implanted where hair growth is needed. This way is very demanding for having an almost natural look of hair.

In FUE, the surgeon will extract hair follicles by punching thousands of incisions while the scalp area where follicles implantation is needed will be cut into tiny holes. The extracted follicles will be then placed gently into the cut holes. After this, gauze bandages cover your head for a few days until all wounds are healed. This may require a few sessions lasting from one day to several days until your desired results are achieved.

No Insurance Coverage

It is the surgeon’s responsibility to inform patients that his/her insurance will not cover the cost of this surgery anywhere around the world. The reason is because this surgery comes under cosmetic surgery, which is conducted on the wish of the patient and not required mandatorily from health point of view.

Be Extra Cautious in Recovery Phase

This is very important in hair transplantation where a patient has to be extra cautious in the recovery phase to perform daily routine activities properly. The major precautions to take are avoiding alcohol and smoking completely, trust me it is not at all allowed if you really want to cross this phase without any infection or hassle. It is because alcohol and cigarettes constricts the blood vessels which ultimately results in affecting the blood flow. This will end up providing lesser nutrients to the hair follicles and your hair growth will not reach the desired levels. Apart from these precautions, you must increase your vitamin intake and protein rich food intake to make your healing process efficient. Other important cautions are to stay stress-free as much as possible and keep your scalp clean all the time.

Never Miss the Post Medication

There are several medicines and antibiotics that your surgeon will prescribe you after surgery which should not be missed at all. It is because these medicines are very important for post-surgery healing process and missing them can cause infections, bleeding and inflammation in your scalp and fresh wounds.

Transplantation Doesn’t Guarantee the End of Further Hair Loss

This is the most common myth many people follow that hair transplantation will stop their further hair loss completely but unfortunately it is not the case in reality. Hair transplant is all about acquiring new hair strands from your body with healthy hair while if your older hair strands are not immune enough than this transplantation will not help your further hair loss much.

Total Cost of Surgery

Generally, affordable hair transplantation ranges from $5000 to $15000 depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. This cost varies from place to place depending on how many doctors will be involved in the surgery and also what type of procedure you are choosing for surgery. The total cost is always quoted by the surgeon who will be leading your case after first examination of your scalp and hair type.

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