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Now that the nights have become colder in the winter season, you must be tempted to start fires in your fireplace more often. However, before you do that, it is very important for you to ensure that your fireplace is working in the best possible condition. In this regard, there are a number of measures that you need to take beforehand. Perhaps, among these biggest precautions, getting a chimney inspection after every few months is the most highly recommended. 

Now, you might be wondering why is inspecting a chimney so important after all? What is the major reason for that? And can you get away without any inspections at all? Well, the answer to this question would actually depend on a wide number of factors. 

However, in general, cleaning chimneys is incredibly important and no, you cannot get away from it. In case you try you, you will put yourself and your family at the risk of being caught in a dangerous chimney fire. 

How important is it to clean chimneys?

When it comes to cleaning chimneys, experts suggest that you should get a sweeping after every few months followed by a major inspection every season. 

There are a number of reasons why you would want to get your chimney cleaned, inspected, and maintained. These include the following: 

Be able to locate the obstructions

By cleaning your chimneys on time, you will be able to locate where the obstructions are. This way, you will be able to remove all the clogs that are in your chimneys. Sometimes, animals such as birds and rodents make nests on the top of the chimney. As a result of this, the risk of a chimney fire increases significantly. Now, a chimney fire is something that you would want to avoid under all circumstances isn’t it? After all, it could cost you thousands of dollars. 

Reduce risks of fire 

Again, by cleaning the chimneys on a regular basis, you will be able to get rid of the risk of a chimney fire. This is because in unclean chimneys, fires usually break out due to a substance that is referred to as creosote. Creosote is highly flammable, and when it keeps on building up on the chimney lining, it can eventually catch fire. This would cause a big flame that will spread out from the chimney like wildfire, until it takes over the entire house.

Quite unfortunately, chimney fires are known to be very intense in nature and are very difficult to stop. Often at times, by the time the fire brigade arrives, a big amount of damage is already done. 

Improving efficiency

By maintaining the chimneys properly, you will be able to improve their efficiency. As a result of this, your house will stay much warmer and hence, you will not have to use electricity in order to warm yourself up. All in all, an occasional chimney maintenance and sweeping can help you in saving a big amount of electricity costs. After all, you will not have to rely on electric heaters anymore. Rather the efficient heating from the chimney will be enough to keep you and your family warm enough. 

Ending note 

Now that you know about all the major reasons to maintain your chimneys properly, it is important to not to ignore it! Instead, call in chimney contractors Ellicott City after every few months and whenever the season begins. This way, you will be able to ensure proper working of the chimney, along with the safety of everyone in your house. After all, that is a major responsibility that you have. Now you would not want to experience a chimney fire, would you?

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