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Leaving the comfort of your bed every morning is difficult but it could get really worse when the first thing you step on is an icy floor. Brrrr! The morning is already off to a bad start. Now imagine the comfort of stepping on a plush and cozy bedroom rug. Complete bliss. After reading the content below, the first thing you need to do is to go buy wholesale oriental rugs for your bedroom.

Why Do You Need A Bedroom Rug?

A bedroom rug not only adds a feeling of warmth and cozy feeling in your bedroom buy also gives a depth and style to your overall bedroom feel. It is a great feeling to step on soft rug in the middle of the night to go to the loo or when you get up in the morning. Secondly an area rug acts as a cushion from noise and helps to absorb sound. An area rug adds a welcoming atmosphere and makes your bedroom cozy and comfortable. Lastly, an area rug emits the possibility of an accidental slip and fall in the room. Other than that, it helps to unify the design of the room and complete your bedroom.

What Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Area Rug?

The Size of the Room

The size of the room is a major aspect you need to consider. A very big rug in a small room will make your bedroom appear dis proportioned and messy and you will agitated upon entering the room. Go for a couple of smaller rugs for a small bedroom, such as on either side of the bed or in front of the bed. If you want to place an area rug under your bed then make sure there is plenty of foot pace on the sides of the bed or whole function of the area rug under the bed will be invalid.

For a bigger room you can choose any size of the rug and also spread may small rugs to enhance the décor of the room. Small rugs can also differentiate many places such as writing table and dressing table.

The Size of the Bed

The size of the bed impacts the size of the rug you choose. To make your feet fall on the soft surface of the area rug, you would need to place the area rug under your bed. The perfect proportion is that the area rug should be 2 feet bigger from all sides of the bed. If your bed is transitioned towards the wall then you can go for an area rug that comes under the side tables or one which comes at the edge of the side tables. If you have 2 twin beds in your bedroom then you can place 2 area rugs underneath each bed or one in the center or if you have a big room then one big rug underneath both beds.

Design and Color of the Area Rug

The design and color is a very important part of choosing an area rug. Darker colors make the room look constricted while neutral or lighter colors make the room look spacious. So for smaller rooms go for light colored rugs. Stripes also make a small room look elongated. Too much pattern in a small room will make it look crooked and ill most probably give you a headache rather than comfort when you enter your room. You can play with vivid colors and designs in a big room as it sets with size.

Choose contrasting colors which coordinate with the theme and furniture colors of the room. Vintage rugs go perfectly with any sort of theme whether modern or contemporary. Choose rugs with striking and appealing borders for under the bed as the borders will be the only part that is revealed.


Your bedroom is your personal comfort zone and you can choose a texture that appeals to you and your personality. You can choose Oriental rug, fur rug, hand knotted, modern type rug, jute rug or a shag rug. The texture should be in accordance with the theme, colors, flooring, and the furniture of the room.

Designing a bedroom is no easy task as you have to make this your comfort sanctuary and have to add personal touches but a rug can do 90% of your task and make your room look homey so rush to rug stores Northern VA now and purchase a beautiful area rug for your bedroom.

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