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If you are looking to enhance the resale value of your home, you can go for brick paver patio ideas. Brick patio is itself a great addition. To enhance the beauty of the exteriors, you must choose the brick paver patio. Brick paver patio will act as the perfect place to accommodate outdoor furniture like armchairs, sofas, tables to let you spend quality time with the family. Brick must be used to build patios since it has appealing looks. Normal concrete or wood cannot add the color which brick can impart. You can always peruse through the patio design ideas to create magnificent outdoors. In fact, creative designs are great ways to uplift the sales value.

Mix and match brick pavers

This is the simplest brick paver design idea. Brick is available in different shades, colors, shapes and designs. To suit the style of your home, you can mix and match different kinds of bricks. Brick paver is too easy to install and can be done manually. It is not like concrete which has to be poured but can be laid down in any way.

Planning the project is a must

Before you start on laying the brick paver, you should plan out the project. It is always great to proceed with a well-developed project plan in the mind. Draw a sketch in advance to decide how the patio must look like. Choose the color, shape and material of the paver.

Using the popular brick patio patterns

There are some brick patio patterns that may be utilized. They include circular pattern, running board pattern, herringbone and weave pattern. To have a cleaner look in the outdoors, you may choose running board pattern. Bricks are laid in similar arrangements all through irregular bows. For circular brick patio, you can contact a professional as it is difficult to install. It gives unique and sophisticated looks to outdoors. For the front porch, always go for basket weave pattern. There will be two bricks in square shape pointing towards the opposite directions. Create one square by placing two brick in the horizontal pattern while laying two bricks vertically and adjacent to it. Herringbone pattern is also an amazing choice. Place the bricks in sporadic direction in diagonal rows.

It is always great to get in touch with a professional for brick paver patio. Laying the brick is very time consuming and so you must consider brick paver contractors. They will also give you tricks and techniques to maintaining the paver patio.

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