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An injury on the elbow may be so severe at times that it may lead to elbow surgery to get relief from it. However, the case is not the same with each patient. All elbow injuries are not that severe to demand a surgery or replacement. There are many such treatments or therapy that can be given to the patient. These treatments are usually very effective and in most cases these treatments are enough for a patient to recover an elbow injury.

The methods of the elbow replacement

There are various methods for the elbow replacements. Among them two kind of surgeries are most common. The following part of the article would give you the details of the information.

  • The first type of the surgery includes the elimination of the tendon sheathes. This type of surgery is performed when there is three to four centimeter of incision on the arm. This kind of surgery is done during the first stage of the injury in elbow.
  • The second surgery is done on account of any major injury. In this kind of surgery the arm is cut to remove the tendon from the bone. This surgery is done to remove the injured tendon with the help of a scalpel.

The post surgery care of the arm

The present enhancement and improvement in the modern medical science made it much easier for the patients to return to the normal life after the surgery. Both these surgery may take few minutes to few hours. The patient can return home on the very day the operation is performed. Here is the list of precautions that should be taken after the performance of the surgery.

  • The treated arm is placed with a sling or a plaster cast depending on the condition of the injury and the condition of the arm. This again depends on the evaluation of the surgeon.
  • The arm is often kept compressed and elevated so as to avoid the inflammation in them.
  • It is important to keep the arm dry. The moisture can enter and weaken the scar at this stage when the area is still weak.
  • Proper medication should be followed as per the prescription of the surgeon. This is very important and the negligence at this stage may hamper your recovery which may lead to even worse condition.

Besides the surgery of an injured elbow which includes removing of the tendon, elbow replacement va may also be prescribed in case it is felt that further recovery is impossible in case of a fracture.

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