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Party tents are crucial to keep guests pleased, when it is sunny or rainy, to offer shade or to keep dry. Choosing tent rentals varies with each event. The need for large tent rentals is when you expect guests in huge numbers.   For weddings, you can find wedding tent rentals and the required supplies easily on rent.  However, renting the right tent is best done putting certain factors into consideration:

Tent Type

Tents are in different types. They include frame type, traditional pole type and high peak tents. These are suitable for different applications and each unit comes with different features.


For instance, the traditional pole units are appropriate for special events such as weddings or corporate events when wedding tent rental or corporate tent rentals are required.  Of course, there is a requirement for all other associate supplies namely table and chairs rentals, wedding table rentals, table rentals, wedding rental company, wedding stage decoration rental, event party rental, table linens rentals, party linens, and lot more. In fact, the traditional pole units are required even during disasters.


The frame tents are suitable for small areas such as baby shower and the peak units are again suitable for wedding receptions. This means there is the need for sound system rentals, speaker rentals, event party rental, wedding décor rentals, party rental linens, mobile stage rental, party stage rental, dance floor rentals, and the list goes on.

Before hiring, know the tent you need as using the wrong tent will make the event appear weird.


Many cities and towns and cities need a permit to install a party tent, especially when a large party is in plan.  The permit to fix tent rentals or event stage rental is essential to show you meet the required fire safety standards. There are also flame certificates to ensure the staging rental fabric meets fire codes.

Extreme weather

The tents, regardless of whether it is a party stage rental, dance floor rentals or outdoor dance floor rental, they are not permanent and are unsafe during extreme weather conditions.  In case of heavy rain or wind, it may collapse and to prevent this, emergency weather evacuation plan must be done prior to installing the tent rentals.


Tops of the party rentals are water resistant or waterproof. The waterproof units have a treatment that water does not pass, while, water-resistant units are vulnerable to water penetration. So, a thumb rule is to choose ideal venue for rentals, be it portable dance floors or stage and dance floor.



These are some factors to consider when hiring party rentals White Plains ny, to ensure you can get quality tent from a high quality company.

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