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Let’s face it! All of us have been drawn to those beautiful, frizz free, perfectly styled hair we see in the movies and magazines. When people find out that most of them look that way because of keratin treatment by hair stylist, they want to get it done too. However, there is also always a confusion lingering around about keratin treatments. People do not know much about it. This is because a keratin treatment is not only limited to the application of keratin. It has a lot more going on.

Important information about keratin treatment

Keep reading to understand more about keratin treatments. Then you can decide for yourself if you still want it or not.

Keratin treatments do not only include keratin

Many people think keratin treatments are called so because of keratin. That is true. However, keratin does not play as big a role as the other substances that are included in the treatment. There is methylene glycol, ammonium thioglycolate, sodium hydroxide, methanediol, formalin, and methanol. Some of them release formaldehyde when heated, which is a carcinogen. Formaldehyde is considered to be a really harmful substance.

Formaldehyde is the main substance that reduces the hair’s curl

Keratin treatments commonly contain formaldehyde. But there are also formaldehyde free treatments that do a similar job as a keratin treatment. However, you would notice that they are not as effective and long lasting as keratin treatments. why, you ask? Because of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the main substance in keratin treatments that reduces frizz. The better the result any treatment gives, the stronger is the formaldehyde in it. However, if your concern is not to reduce the hair’s curl, you can use formaldehyde free treatments.

Heating your hair daily is worse than getting keratin treatments

Yes, it is true that keratin treatments contain formaldehyde and it is really dangerous. But you know what is more dangerous than getting a keratin treatment every few months? Styling your hair regularly with heat. Heat exposure daily can seriously damage your hair more than a keratin treatment will. However, it probably will not expose you to carcinogens that a formaldehyde containing treatment will.

Choosing the right salon and stylist will affect the final results of the keratin treatment

This is not something hidden. Your end results will greatly depend on your stylist and the salon. If the salon you chose is experienced and educated about such hair treatments, they can guide you better. However, just because a salon is great does not mean the stylist working in it is also experienced.

An experienced stylist will do a better job at treating your hair. Consequently, the end results will be better. An inexperienced stylist might mess up the job, especially if they are doing it for the first time. Moreover, if a salon is offering you a keratin treatment for cheap, it is also likely to mess up your hair. Keratin treatments are expensive. They cost a lot because of the skilled experts involved in the treatment and the actual product is expensive. Cheap treatments mean the people are not that skilled or the product is not of a good quality product. Think twice before getting a cheap treatment.


Do a thorough research on every keratin treatments salon and also consult stylists who do this treatment and people who have gotten it done before. This will help you understand better how the treatment works and if there are any aftereffects people may have experienced. There is a lot more you will find out about keratin treatments through research and personal meeting with people. This way you can decide better if keratin treatment is right for you or not. hypn

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