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If you run a food service that has a walk in freezer or walk in cooler, walk in cooler repair and maintenance is one of the most vital things you must address in order to keep operations up and running perfectly.

Having a walk in freezer or walk-in cooler that is not running rightly or inadequacy can cost your business a fortune.

Here are five signs to watch out for that definitely needs your focus:

Frost build up

If you begin noticing ice or frost building up in areas where they should not in your walk in cooler, this is a sign that it is not cooling rightly and needs to be checked by a commercial refrigeration expert quickly.

Door wear & damage

Check out the doors to your walk in cooler for seal damage & wear. This problem can truly empty your pockets as air can leak out and need your freezer or cooler to continually run to adjust the temperature.

Water leakage

Feeling any wet floors around or in your walk in cooler? This could be a form an old/broken seal or bad installation of walk in cooler. Definitely, this is something that cannot be left untouched as it could cause to mildew and mold build up – something that is not going to make your fitness inspector very happy.

Odd odors

When the cooler icy leaks you may detect a bad smell around and in your walk in cooler, problems like this are generally found if your freezer or cooler is outdated/old so it may be time to assess an upgrade to ensure you stay up and running.

Inconsistent temperatures

If you are noticing that your walk-in freezer repair va or cooler has a difficult time maintaining consistent temperature this may be a sign of larger issues so it is important that you have someone check on your system. Many walk-in freezer/cooler have sensors that alert you if the temperature rises to a serious level, so be sure to keep an eye on this closely.

Other signs include odd/strange noises and flickering lights, so be on the lookout for these as well.

When it comes to commercial refrigerators, just like HVAC, prevention is the top medicine. Regular maintenance can and will keep you from worry and stress. So don’t hesitate to contact commercial walk-in repair Service Company for your issue.

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