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Ecobeat has a fresh new style of eco-friendly speakers that will give you a natural feel of nature either indoors or outdoors. The speakers are handcrafted from bamboo giving it the whole natural surroundings look; the speakers are created to offer an option of using high-end eco-friendly speakers. It’s cool color and funky shapes make it fit in any setup, whether you’re planning to match it with the theme of your house or go to the beach with it, its smooth color will blend right in. The speakers offer an impressive sound that will go beyond your expectations, it is small, but it produces soothing tunes that anyone listening will enjoy, leaving your friends or guests impressed with its high quality.

These speakers are small and easy to carry providing comfort due to its portability. You can move around with it from place to place without thinking of it being an overwhelming task, it can easily fits into the small recycled cotton bag included with each speaker which is ideal for going to the beach or anywhere that you would like to use it. The speakers are well built to be used in any kind of environment ensuring that it cannot be easily damaged by using a durable design. Bamboo is a plantation found in abundance that grows naturally very fast and regenerates once it has been harvested. It has a firm stalk that offers strong protection for the casing of the speakers.

Ecobeat speakers offer an easy and fast mode to connect your phone and the speakers to select the songs from as far as 32 feet away through your phone and the music will instantaneously play. The top specification Cube speaker offer’s an additional feature for Bluetooth conferencing which is an easy and convenient way to connect and talk with people compared to the hassle of having to hold onto your phone making it an ideal addition to your office space. Any Bluetooth device from phones to tablets can easily be paired with the device.

The speakers are loud enough to provide a sweet sound that is not ear deafening to any kind of music that you choose to play. It can be used to entertain you in a small enclosed setting or you can also use it for a small gathering of a few friends. The sound the speakers produce can make other people doubt it’s the one producing the music in such high quality yet it is small in size.

These speakers can be used as a beautiful natural addition into your home or office décor to give the feeling of a natural environment in the room. The speakers can also be used as a unique and simple gift for friends or family since it is a great tech device that everyone should have whilst looking like a piece of art. Prices for the speakers are very affordable so that everyone can be able to purchase one and enjoy the pleasure of having a high performing portable Bluetooth speaker that will be worth every penny.

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