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Still today, handmade rugs are used as one of the best decorating piece of the world. Sometime, the utilization machineries were completely out of our imagination. But the Industrial revolution of this first paced world changed everything. And it provides a new dimension to the way of our life by which we can easily generate our daily essential things. Prior to this industrial revolution, people usually used hand made products.  And particularly women were involved in creating these products. Similarly, on that time women took the vital role in creating rugs or carpet. In future, it is difficult to imagine that people will use the handmade rugs.

If you purchase a handmade rug, it can easily turn into the great accessory to any room of your house. These rugs are much more than decoration piece or adornment. It is considered as the luxury of the home owner. In fact, rugs are the expressions of art that date back to 3000 B.C. This hand-woven rug is very intricate in detail and knotted by skilled individuals. The handmade rugs are delicate in nature and can last for decades.

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

  • The very important factor that you should ask before purchasing any rugs is the place of origin. The traditional handmade rug will be crafted in Tibet, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, India and Armenia. These countries have established a tradition for quality and excellence in hand weaving rugs.
  • The quality hand crafted rugs are typically backed by linen knots and it should be made with smooth wool that will be able to create a silk finish.
  • The fringe will indicate whether the rug is machine made or handmade. The fringe is actually a part of the rug, a closer examination will reveal that it is added after crafted or not. The machine made rugs would have fringes that were added after manufacture. So the fringe will demonstrate you that the rug is crafted by hand or not for your living room or guest room.
  • The side-edges of a rug also show you that the rugs are made with machine or these are hand crafted. Actually, the authentic handmade rugs would typically have hand woven edge, while the machine made rugs have tighter stitches which are created only on machine.

Where to Buy Rugs

Rugs can be purchased from local rug store virginia and also online store. We all know that online shopping is much easier and convenient option, but this is not proper answer when purchasing the handmade rugs. So before purchasing the rugs, you have to do some research. By which you can find a reliable seller.

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